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I don't really have much else I consider important enough to make a post about, except this: Here's a cam footage of the boss battle with that douche sword guy (whose name is Demon Lord Ghirahim, by the way - how do you even pronounce that). It's informative for some dialogue and insight into just how douche-y (and faaaabulous) this guy is :P

(I... I don't want slash from this guy... but it's all but canon XP)
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Media! )

There's gonna be a couple of developer roundtables supposedly tonight and tomorrow night, so expect perhaps a bit more news ramble then.
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Dun care about Microsoft, dun care about Sony. Let's go Nintendo! )

There will surely be more info on the Wiiu and Skyward Sword to come in later interviews/roundtables whatnot. For now I'll just drop this here with links to trailers coming ASAP.
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From Nintendo's developers roundtable )

Edit: Nintendo has officially put up the OoT 3D screenshots, so here they are: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
Haha, I guess they've finally officially reduced the size of Link's nose so I gotta stop drawing it as canon now. ;P Or differentiate between the two and do fanart IN THREE DEE for this one ;D
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The Sony conference was mostly completely uninteresting. Instead of attempting to snark on it, here come more Nintendo goodies. )

(I know some of you already have these courtesy of other sites but at least I sat on for like 5 hours for you I'm doing it out of tradition. :P)

Kirby this fall, Epic Mickey and Donkey Kong Country this holiday season, plus 3DS might be out then too... I'm starting to thank Nintendo for delaying Zelda because MY WALLET and spare time HERTZ.
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Got my Youtube stream, got my cup of tea, got Notepad open for snarking/rambling/SQUEEING. LET'S DO THIS THING.

Nintendo connnnnnference )

Holy cow, Nintendo completely blew it out of the water this year, even with me expecting great things just from Zelda and 3DS alone. :D~~~~~ I can't wait to link you guys to the trailers for all these games; this post will be updated when they're up. Trailers up! Most of them are from the conference footage, I'll covertly swap them with direct-feed videos as they come in. Nintendo was nice enough to provide convenient links to everything!
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E3 next week. And it's a Zelda year. PREPARE YOUR BOMB SHELTERS.

In other news, I've been pining after the Chinese Tarot by Jui Guoliang for a long time - not as a deck I want to read with but because the correlations with Chinese cultural elements look to be neat and decently-done (if not necessarily accurate). But it's out of print and usually lists for anywhere from $100 to $1000. I happened to look at my Amazon wishlist on Sunday and there it was - a "Good" condition listing for $32.98! And it's already shipped out too :D I definitely plan to post a thorough review of its Chinesey-ness once I get it.

If all else fails I can always re-sell it for more than I paid. XP
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(I was kinda busy at work, and didn't have time to clean this up to post until now. Not that it matters to 99% of yous.)

Nintendo stream of consciousness at work, wot wot )

Sony stream of consciousness at work, wot wot )

Misc stuff )
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Very uneventful E3 conferences. You guys can just ignore everything (in parentheses). Seriously there's not much worth looking at here.

Wow, and I thought Nintendo was unexciting last year )

Eck. You can tell how uneventful Nintendo's conference was by the fact that half of my comments are me snarking on the presenters.

Fortunately Sony saves the day )
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So Nintendo just announced an advanced motion sensing geegaw that can calculate (better) one-to-one Wiimote motion. You know what that means? SWORD FIGHTING

please for Zelda please for Zelda please for Zelda

Nintendo conference is tomorrow morning guys. BRACE FOR IMPACT
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Think I've forgotten this year? Ohhh no.

Not much happens. Except for release dates. )

I will post more pictures of kitten as soon as I find the camera again.
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AAAAAH!  I've been scooped by [ profile] simhuman and [ profile] ziddar!


This is in-freaking-sane.  I was completely ready to believe Smash Bros. was just not ready for presentation; after all the development only started like less than a year ago.  BUT BUT!!

* Newcomer METAKNIGHT!

* Newcomer PIT!


* Newcomer WARIO!  WITH A FART ATTACK! uhh


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Ee!  Have been going around collecting media!

Various Nintendo ramblings, may add more )
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All right, it's on.  This'll have to be pretty stream-of-conscious because I do have that test to take soon afterwards.  Will try to sort things out more at a later time.

NintendoNintendoNintendo )

Oh god it's done.  Okay, time for catchups.
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Oh god, FINALLY my internet connection is cooperating a bit.

Twilight Princess leakage, again )

Passing the time by playing bits and pieces of PHOENIX WRIGHT, ACE ATTORNEY. Finally I got my hands on this game, and for only $20 too. Sweet.
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Sony-wony )
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E3 is coming.  You may want to hide. from me

Nintendo's conference is tomorrow at 9:30am.  I have a midterm at 11:00am.  Joy!

Edit: It looks like the conference is scheduled to be 2 hours long, not 1 like usual. I am teh cry

Edit edit: Um, wait, I'm a retard. The midterm's at 1:00pm. PARTY ON!
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Short, winding down. )

So, I've now got a copy of Twisted Metal: Head On for the PSP. Anyone wanna buy it off me? =P


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