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The E3 dump, part 1!

Dun care about Microsoft, dun care about Sony. Let's go Nintendo!

Skyward Sword:
- OMG, is that Zelda as an Important Childhood Friend? And she rides a dragon bird thing? <3<3<3<3<3
- Didn't really pay attention to anything else. XP Will perhaps ramble more when I get a chance to scrutinize the trailer again.
- Holiday this year? I'll believe it when I see it XP

Zelda 25th Annniversary:
- Gold Wiimote? I already have enough Wiimotes you jerks XP I wanted a gold 3DS!
- I'm not really all that excited about 4 Swords on DSiware, but hey, it's free!
- I hope they come up with some new arrangements for this Zelda Symphony tour. I mean I imagine they will, but all the other video game concerts have been playing the same Zelda orchestral arrangement forever.
- I will certainly be among the first to register OoT3D on Club Nintendo, buuuut... how different could the free OoT3D soundtrack be from the original? I mean I just read an Iwata Asks the other day about how they worked so hard to stay true to the original.

3DS 1st Party:
Mario Kart - I think I've worn out my Mario Kart thumbs on the old DS already, but this one looks solid nonetheless. I might play it depending on when it comes out.
Starfox - not till September? I'm surprised. It's probably that they can totally afford to space things out OH YEAH.
Super Mario 3D - Looks solid, no question. But can... can he actually fly with that raccoon tanuki suit?
Kid Icarus Uprising - Uhh... how did Pit land in a Final Fantasy game? Oh... well... It'll be a good game no matter. And with AR card battles? DO THIS WITH POKEMONS
Luigi's Mansion 2! This game deserves a sequel not that I played the first one! Did you know that Nintendo had experimented with displaying the first game in 3D even on the Gamecube?

3DS 3rd Party:
Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D - looks like hilarious Wesker action. Need nothing else.
Mario & Sonic at the 2012 London Olympic Games
Ace Combat 3D
Tetris - Well... it's Tetris.
Cave Story 3D
Resident Evil: Revelations
Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions
Tekken 3D
Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D

Weeyoo Wiiu:
As reported, the controller has a touch screen. But what are you going to do with it, Nintendo? Well...
- taking console games on the go
- drawing better fanart than 99% of people can manage (I wonder what's the resolution and sensitivity of that?)
- playing Reversi
- interact with the TV via built-in camera
- do touch-sensitive things like shoot ninja stars
- video chat
- web browser
- share photos/videos to the TV or something... I mean I can just do that with an SD card right...
- play a super-shiny new version demo of Twilight Princess with fantastic-looking lighting and shaders??? DAMMIT IWATA WHAT'S UP WITH THIS

Smash Bros from Sakurai on both the 3DS and Wiiu~~~ Well, no details on it today, I'm sure it'll be solid.

Wow, the Wiiu looks powerful all right. Definitely up to par (and better??) with 360 and PS3 now. That, I think, is really the most important thing this time around, because that means...

3rd Party games!
- Darksiders 2 - the rumor was true! (Not that I cared about the first Darksiders.)
- Arkham City oh shi!
- Assassin's Creed! Finally it's a strong enough console!
- Dirt - some racing game that looks quite good
- Aliens Colonial Marines
- Ghost Recon Online - don't care about this, but solid FPSs never hurt I guess.
- Metro Last Light - this looks like a slightly more interesting FPS in a slightly more interesting setting.
- Ninja Gaiden 3

There will surely be more info on the Wiiu and Skyward Sword to come in later interviews/roundtables whatnot. For now I'll just drop this here with links to trailers coming ASAP.
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On Skyward Sword: ...are you saying that they're actually releasing Zelda *on time* for once? That never happens with console Zelda!
Crikey, has it really been 25 years of Zelda? That's as old as I am!
I never did play 4 Swords (despite having it on the GBA remake of A Link to the Past), as my sister and I only have the one GBA between us. Unfortuantly Nintendo dropped the GBA link cable from the DS lite.

On 3DS games: Mario Kart, Starfox, Kid Icarus... well, it's only a matter of time before I end up getting one (though hopefully they'll do something about the battery life soon). Actually, I'll tell you what I'm really waiting for: Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright.

On Wiiu: Huh, I didn't expect them to actually put a touchscreen in the controller (given that 1) a tablet-style controller would be horrible and 2) they could always make the DS work as a controller, like the GBA with the 'cube but better). And the built-in camera was something I thought was another false rumor.
Random trivia: someone leaked a PDF full of (supposedly official) concept designs for Wii controllers. One of them looked rather like a cross between the bottom half of a DS (touchscreen and all) and a Dreamcast controller, if I remember rightly.

On videos: will there be a super-sekrit link for real videos or do I get to rant at the state of Internet video again? :P
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You find your own Youtube videos. XP I'll put up trailer links when Nintendo has official ones up on their page.
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Some searching has thrown up a press release with an official guest login. Have a look at

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Yeah, welcome to 5 years ago. XP For the record they haven't updated that either.
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Huh? That one is for this years E3. And last year's account has been expired.

or have you just managed to completely confuse me

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The guest logins always work. Now shut up and wait for Nintendo to finish updating their website because it'll take MUCH longer than that for them to update the press page and me to download and re-upload the press kit materials. XP
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Ok, confusion it is. Shutting up now :)

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Well, finally, handheld Smash Bros.
Goodbye slow 3DS sales.

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Well I figured Zelda would do the trick and also you know Mario and Starfox and Mario Kart and

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They're going to sell all the 3DSes.

I want to see the big Pokemon game for it. The new Dex is pretty cool and the AR feature is fun, but we need a game to go with it already.