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Look Out It's E3, round 2.5

The music in this trailer is so gorgeous. The part towards the beginning, starting at the first shot of Zelda, is so subdued yet carries such an epic potential, like narrating the most beloved Arthurian fairy tale. Then those horseback attacks paired with the orchestra hits have got to be the most exhilarating part of the trailer hands down. And when the Zelda's Lullaby theme swells up with scenes from the idyllic village, I get almost teary because it's like coming home again. I haven't paid much heed to the orchestrated music in the previous trailers because I figured the chance of the game soundtrack sounding like that was slim, but now...? !!

Edit: I can't stop listening to it

I have to wonder now if there IS voice acting in this game? Speech is clearly seen from the girl in the village, and you can also make out Midna saying something when she first appears. I'd still assume, and prefer, subtitles... but I'm sure if there is voice acting, they'll do as good as can possibly be done. After all, I was reluctant about the wolf transformation thing too but now I'm sold.

Speaking of Midna (that freaky chick riding on your back, of course), for some reason she reminds me of Rukia from Bleach. It's mostly her attitude and expression, I think. Slightly mischievous but still wise, and small and vulnerable-seeming but ready to kick some ass in her own way too. Which is just fine, because I've certainly drawn my (small) share of parallels between this Link and Ichigo. XP

The ghost-vision still doesn't seem to be explained. Midna looks surprised by it, and there's no indication of any item being around to trigger it. Maybe it only happens when Link is under duress from being gnawed on XP I got nothin'.

Flaming boomerangs? What is this madness?

Ah, you can charge up the boomerang (like Spin Attack) to create those whirlwinds.

Geez, no matter how many times I see that big mutated plant boss I'm still gonna say "OH S^#@"

Ohh, I've got such ideas for fanart now. But the downside is... I'm gonna have to learn to draw wolves ^^;;

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I was pleasantly surprised by the music in the trailer. At first I wondered if they just got a random music sample, like how with other trailers they just get movie music (like the Conan soundtrack). The amazing thing is that its actually MIDI. Very emotional and movie-like.

There have been questions now arising about voice acting just because of that trailer. Those characters seemed really wonderfully animated, but I'm thinking that it will still be all subtitles. The mouth moving is really nice to watch though and a great visual que for the player.

Maybe it only happens when Link is under duress from being gnawed on XP I got nothin'.

That's kind of cool. I never thought about that. ^^

Also, when they show the mystery person in the cloak, there is a chair opposite her near the other end of the window. Doesn't mean a damn thing but I just noticed it on my 4th or 5th re-watching of the trailer.

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Is it really just MIDI? My ears are never good enough to tell these kinds of things but... really? I mean, I definitely hear a wide difference between tracks from the WW OST CD and recreations from ( Synthesized instruments, sure I can see, but it's just ordinary MIDI? And if that's the case what makes it different from other games that have real "orchestrated" soundtracks?

Well, like in Wind Waker you had occasional mouth movements, but they were usually just matching a simple audio cry or grunt or something from the character. The scenes in this trailer look like they're actually speaking a more-or-less coherent language. Of course they can still dub it over with nonsense babble, but it seems like extra effort when they could just go the Wind Waker route.

That's kind of cool. I never thought about that. ^^

Heh, I doubt that's the case, else it'd make sewer travel pretty inconvenient. Although, there probably is also a limitation to it, like the Lens of Truth, else you'd just keep it turned on the whole time. Hm, curious...

I'd be extremely surprised if "mystery person" isn't Zelda. She looks exactly the same, plus she's got the Sheikah symbol on her cloak.

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Is it really just MIDI? My ears are never good enough to tell these kinds of things but... really?

I actually can't confirm it myself, but the nerds over at the IGN boards who seemed well-versed in MIDI and sound crap seemed adamant that it was MIDI. Yeah, not solid proof, PLUS its the IGN boards. :/ But here, I'll link you (which I should have done instead of playing Miss I Know Everything, like I sometimes do when I get excited ;) :

They're saying the trailer was MIDI, but the game will be orchestrated. Well, that's not confusing as fuck at all, isn't it? ;D

But I don't know

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Oh, please ignore the "But I don't know" part at the end of my post. Unfinished, irrelevant thought.

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Not like I don't play Know-It-All myself, I just hang out at Penny Arcade and Something Awful forums instead. Slightly more delayed than IGN (they relay news from IGN forums and elsewhere ;)) but in exchange, more maturity and wit IMO. ;)

I sure as hell don't care what the trailer was in if I get a full orchestrated OST. Mmmmmmm =P~~~~

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I sure as hell don't care what the trailer was in if I get a full orchestrated OST.

I can definately second that!

Also, I love SA's Photoshop Phridays. :D

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Oh. Judging by demo screens (, subtitles are in =) But DAMN, that is a fan-cay text box.

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Yeah, I posted like RIGHT before I downloaded the videos of the press conference and saw that. Those ARE crazy text boxes!