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Not worth losing sleep over.

Very uneventful E3 conferences. You guys can just ignore everything (in parentheses). Seriously there's not much worth looking at here.

(Who the hell are you and what have you done with Reggie? And why should I care you can't snowboard to be cool?)

(Neither can this gold medalist boarder on the balance board, apparently.)

(Hay Iwata-san nice job name-dropping DS games that are like 2 years old :/)

Animal Crossing Wii - YOU AREN'T PULLING ME INTO YOUR MENIAL LABOR TRAP AGAIN NINTENDO! I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF IT I TELL YOU! At least it has a microphone that seems like it'll pick up too much sounds.

(Yay Reggie's back! All is glorious sunshine.)

I heard about the next Raving Rabbids game a while ago but I'm definitely going to buy it like an obedient deranged bunny because you can play the game WITH YOUR BUTT

Hahaha DS is the only platform for Spore this year. Take that (although I'm probably the only one who's not interested in it)

Heh, I knew they were going to promote the... what's it called, MotionPlus? with Wii Sports 2. I foresee many more flung Wiimotes in the future. ^^;;

(Christ, is there anything this woman is good at doing?)

(My god, Reggie's about to kill somebody with his manliness throttle)

Sword dueling with Miis? That's not friendly! Star Wars Clone Wars just got OWNED BY WII SPORTS.

All in all though that looks very promising and I'm probably almost certainly who am I kidding, definitely going to buy it right off the bat.

Wii Music:
God, that air drumming looks hard if you're supposed to use the current sensitivity of Wiimote+nunchuck. Not that I'm any good at drumming in the first place.

Shiggy is playing a sax with the Wiimote? What is this magic? It doesn't have that many buttons? (His jacket is PIMPIN though.)

Ah, it doesn't matter what buttons you press, just the timing. And there are 50 different instruments? That's pretty badass, I hope you get to play along to a bunch of Nintendo tunes :)

A taiko! Now I can relive the old days without leaving the house! Oh Nintendo I love you again

...well my mind just got changed with their little demo jam session there. Not... too hot guys... Especially that pathetic marimba. I guess it has some promise but you really need to have somewhat of a music sense. And a hopefully-responsive control scheme.

Eck. You can tell how uneventful Nintendo's conference was by the fact that half of my comments are me snarking on the presenters.

(Ahh, for once Sony knows how to kick off a press conference: with the kickass-est scenes from your games. That's how things used to be!)

Resistance 2: wow, I was all ready to be like "meh more FPSes" but that giant monster is sweet. Moar liek this in any game please! even Animal Crossing

Yay Little Big Planet! I personally am a horrible creator so it's not too good for me, but I am so impressed with the game. :) So cuuute. And I simply LOVE that they did their powerpoint presentation WITH THE GAME. NINTENDO ARE YOU TAKING NOTES

PSN content:
- Fat Princess? LOL what the hell? Looks like it has some solid (lol) gameplay though.

- Eden is pretty, I think I've heard of it a month or so ago. Still no idea what's going on :)

- FLOWer! I've been looking forward to that for quite a while even though I have no idea how it could even be played. That still stands too.

Ergh, why would I want to virtual-dance in a bar on Playstation Home? Kinda creepy. The game themed living spaces are a bit cool, though they need to push the designs a bit stronger I think.

This DC Universe Online actually sounds a little tempting, no less because I'm overall a slightly bigger fan of DC heroes over Marvel. Shall we start a guild superhero league together, [ profile] lordfabianshire?

(You guys kind of overdid it on the muscles normal mapping there though. Now everyone's suits look paintede on yey)

Finally God of War 3 footage! Wow, they did a really amazing job of realizing the concept art style in finely rendered 3D. Kratos looks skinnier though? Or maybe they just finally fixed his ridiculous pecs that are somehow attached directly to his deltoids :P

This MAG thing seems pretty impressive, if they can pull it off. Really sounds massive though, and who knows how well it can be accomplished. Oh well, I'm no war game or FPS player...

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