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A little bit of story. Now I'm placated. (E3 post part 3)

# Posted 6:43 PST
He said the scene this morning showing Link diving off a cliff into a bank of clouds was meant to be "impactful" because it was an important event in the story.

# Posted 6:44 PST
In this Zelda, Link is a little boy born into a land above the clouds called Skyloft.

# Posted 6:44 PST
One day, he learns there is a land below the clouds ruled by evil forces.

# Posted 6:46 PST
However, the revelation prompts a series of events which forces him to go to the land beneath the clouds.
There once was a little *~aaaaannnngel*~* and his name was LINK and his mommy told him to never go down below the cloud world because there were BAD THINGS there but one day
(That explains why his ears are less pointy than usual in the concept art, maybe. Though it's a little odd to have a Link who's not Hylian. Unless it turns out HE ACTUALLY IS WHAT A SHOCKER)

# Posted 6:46 PST
The reason he goes down is in the title--it's the Skyward Sword.

# Posted 6:46 PST
The sword possesses intelligence, and will assume the semi-human form in the teaser poster shown last year.

# Posted 6:46 PST
It's the "master sword."

# Posted 6:46 PST
The Skyward Sword will become the Master Sword, apparently.
Oh. Well there goes my wishful thinking.

# Posted 6:46 PST
The sky is also very important to the game, apparently.

# Posted 6:47 PST
He said when you play the game, the cloud banks are "very impactful" and they wanted to make the art style highlight them.

# Posted 6:47 PST
Apparently Miyamoto was such a fan of the art style the approval process took one step.

# Posted 6:47 PST
Miyamoto said he's a big fan of Impressionist Art, so the new art style reflects that. He said Cezanne was a big influence.
Welp, time to pick up Photoshop filters pointillism. I'm going to have to really put extra effort into fanart for this because I'm a big fan of impressionism too and it'd be pathetic if I wuss out here. :I

Edit: Nintendo has officially put up the OoT 3D screenshots, so here they are: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
Haha, I guess they've finally officially reduced the size of Link's nose so I gotta stop drawing it as canon now. ;P Or differentiate between the two and do fanart IN THREE DEE for this one ;D
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That scene (of Link diving into the clouds) reminded me of the ending to Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

OoT 3D: So... we have better textures and a higher poly count... but still what looks like objects made up of flat planes (the tree and the chains for the drawbridge)? Still unsure. Though if they add in the mythical Light Dungeon...

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It reminds me of Kratos myself, but I've only seen Crouching Tiger once many years ago.

Frankly, chains and trees are pretty trivial objects to spend polygons on when flat cards are a relatively effective method for them. Besides, those trees actually look to have a lot more planes than the 4-sided trees in the original.

Nonetheless though, I agree with you completely on needing to see a little more to make the purchase worthwhile, because I would be taking the same position if I weren't a completely rabid OoT fangirl.
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is it the skyward sword so that people falling from the sky can get stabnated on it? :P

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I would buy that game if that's what happens to Link after he jumps.