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Look Out It's E3, round 3

Wow, the Metroid Pinball trailer is pretty badass. Especially the sexay soundtrack =D Everybody had their reserves when they learned that it's being developed by the same people who did Mario Pinball Land, but I think this one is looking solid. Not that, of course, I'm any connoisseur of pinball.

Oho, here be your Gamecube controller and memory card ports. (Sweet! That means I can have two extra controllers laying around for sibling and friends.) And some possible colors shown at the conference that they're still trying to decide on. The red looks pretty delicious cool, but I think I'd still go for the black out of all of those, myself. The chartuese is just bleh, who'd fit one of THOSE in their home?

...HAY. 4 GC controller ports + 4 wireless Rev controllers = beats 7-boomerangcontroller PS3??

...nah. But then again, the most current Mario Party is supporting 8 players...

Anyway, that there's a PS3 with a sexy complexion. But like the second you even look at it funny it's gonna have greasy fingerprints all over it =D No further comments on the controller, it hasn't looked any different in all the different angled shots I've seen.


Zelda roundtable news:
-The Female creature shown in the trailer riding link is an enemy of some sort, but you have to team up to fight an even greater evil.
I bet she's a trickster type character who was just trying to mess with you but ends up in deeper doo-doo than she bargained for. Also: I want to ride Link too
-Link can talk to animals, and they teach you abilities throughout the game.
Woah, awesome. (Though I guess it's been predicted in speculation. But still!)
-Certain puzzles in dungeons require you going back and forth between the Light and Twilight worlds. (Similar to Link to the past and Metroid Prime 2)
Damn straight! Although it can also make puzzles very frustrating. =P AS THEY SHOULD
-The entire soundtrack is fully orchestrated for the first time in Zelda history.
I was already drooling over this yesterday but now it's confirmed. *_*
-The game is going to feature more Dungeons than OOT and the overall scale of the game is much much larger.
::cough:: Sorry, had a SomethingAwful moment there.

There are also some very informative gameplay videos out there, but I'm out of server space so you'll have to find them yourself. =P The game is incredibly cinematic, and the animation/mo-cap is superb. I have a feeling I'm spoiling much more of this game than I should be... but it's so amazing can't put it down ^^;;

The horseback battle scenes are the second thing I've seen this E3 to literally make my jaw drop. I can't believe they were able to turn the awkward maneuvers from OoT into this smooth fast-paced action while keeping the control mechanics essentially the same. And Link can do a spin attack on the horse? L33t!

(Teehee, he wipes his mouth so much more daintily after drinking a potion now. ;))

...But the dungeon gameplay demo had my jaw not only dropped but hanging wide open for the entire video. Oh my god, there's just so many amazing looking details in this game - even the way Link opens a DOOR. Or the way he looks into a treasure chest - nothing new there since the days of OoT, but the lighting and graphics make it SO GORGEOUS. Even a feature film can't consistently look this good, can it?

Edit: The dungeon boss battle. Oh god.
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Damn dialup! Curse it! Curse it! Currrrrrrrsssseeeeeeee iiiiiiiiiittttt!!!


Okay, it's too early (half past midnight local time) to head over to somewhere where I can do evilness to the uni's 155mbps connection. I'll just download everything during the lecture later.

*looks at pic of rev*

Y'know, that looks like it's missing a couple of critical things. Like, say, a battery pack and a flip-up LCD screen.

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And they said the XBox looked like a Mac...