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(I was kinda busy at work, and didn't have time to clean this up to post until now. Not that it matters to 99% of yous.)

OH SHI NEW MARIO BROS. CO-OP = VERY YES. Looks like unforgiving chaos, and I hope there are no secret areas that require all 4 players... but there probably are.
(I guess that means no new [Wii] Zelda? Well, it'll have to do :P)

WiiFit++? I'd been wishing for that since I started (and stopped) Wii Fitting. How much is this going to cost now? A full game price? Think I'll just use the NORMAL gym membership I already have.

Wii Sports Resort:
Yaaay Reggie's back. Bringing us shiny CG MotionPlus that's going to result in a lot more flung basketballs frisbees Wiimotes!

As you can see, skydivingWiimotediving is a lot of fun. ._. That's a really cute way to introduce the game but I'm not seeing how it shows more sensitivity than the regular Wiimote. IT'S A GOOD THING I ALREADY BELIEVE YOU NINTENDO

What would be really awesome in the archery game is if you can hit windows in that Hyrule Castle in the background for easter eggs. :D Looks fun anyway.

Final Fantasy Crystal Bearers - looks impressive, but I'd have to see what it does with MotionPlus exactly.

Kingdom Hearts - I... I just can't take the increasing amount of emo faggotry in KH anymore. Can't we have more Disney and less Square?

Mario & Luigi 3 - Eww, Bowser's internal pipes. Looks amusing and of course I'll play it.

Golden Sun DS - SCREW THAT. I know there was a good *game* in the first one, but the *dialogue* is like specifically designed to meltify your brain before you could get any amount of distance into the game.

Wii Vitality Sensor - Oh God Nintendo is going to read my body and steal my soul. What's the use of this aside from horror games? and porn games

Mario Galaxy 2 - Not quite as HOLYSHITifying as something completely novel, but the first game was the best game of that year so of course this one will be too :) Looks even more beautiful, too :) Or maybe that's just the anti-aliasing. Love that it's every bit as imaginative as the first one and looks to be rehashing nothing but the game engine. DAY ONE PURCHASE

The Conduit - has a great trailer and if I didn't PUKE ALL OVER THE PLACE get motion sick from first-person games I'd sure check it out.

Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles - I enjoyed Umbrella Chronicles even if it's because we cheated through it. Graphics don't look too inspiring, but will play for LEON S. KENNEDY.

Metroid: Other M - Holy shit. Am definitely still going to PUKE ALL OVER THE PLACE but must buy. Excellent trailer. Voice acting for Samus??

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves - Holy crap that is the most beautiful game with a realistic art style I've seen to date, and I'm almost never impressed by realistic-styled games. We didn't bother playing the first one because the fighting was a pain, and probably won't play this one either. But damn, that is an amazing video.

MAG - I think this would be a seriously amazing game if I were a bystander able to see every action that is occuring on this battlefield, but I'm not, and I have no clue what's going on. People are going to take this serious like WoW guilds but even huger.


PSP Go: it's got TWO SCREENSoh wait. No dual thumbsticks? Well I know billions of PSP fans are disappointed. Also it costs as much as a Wii

Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker - well, there sure is a lot of... walking... for peace... in that there trailer... a...and... cardboard box hanky-panky... ... ... oh god Kojima what have you done

Pixeljunk Shooter - Skeptical about the concept, but of course I'm going the play the hell out of it just like the other Pixeljunk games.

Assassin's Creed II - has some nice new features, but doesn't look like it adds a whole lot to the original game which was very well made but had some design issues. Italian Renaissance setting is fun, of course.

Final Fantasy XIII - doesn't show me anything on a new calibur from what we've seen before, but the trailer has some beautiful music. Maybe they'll actually have a decent soundtrack again? XII's was so bad we had to play it muted most of the time.

LOL Sony made their own Wiimote. With the most awkward ever demo of it by some socially awkward engineer nerds. Too bad they didn't get it out before the MotionPlus. That painting demo is pretty fun, analogue trigger is nice. But I bet it'll take homebrewers to make a nice painting program and Sony themselves'll totally forget about it.

That ModRacer thing looks almost as impressive as LittleBigPlanet but I'm not a racing game fan so eh.

The Last Guardian - saw this trailer leaked a week or two ago when it was still "Trico". Thought it was old... do they not have any newer footage? Oh well, still looks every bit as incredible.

God of War III - KRATOS SMASH. Does anything else matter? The contrast seems a little too high to show off their beautiful art direction, maybe they need to calibrate their monitors over at Sony Santa Monica. Impressive(ly disturbing) in the brutality, moreso than #2 did.

So Zelda Wii is, of course, in the works, but what's important is that Link is grown-up again! What I want above anything in a Zelda game is a good compelling story also romance, because I trust Nintendo 100% to have great gameplay already, and non-kiddy characters help a good amount with that. I just hope that if Link is even older, they don't go EVEN EDGIER to the point of being too srs bzns. (See: Kingdom Hearts)

Edit: Someone did manage to snap a picture of that art. It is the tiniest photo possible. Calling it now that the blue girl is more like a Midna than a Zelda because Zelda's always been the same height as Link.

I don't even like the Beatles that much but the opening cinematic for The Beatles: Rock Band is simply gorgeous and inspired.

Finally: And Disney announced the A Christmas Carol game for Nintendo DS puzzles and trivia YAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY

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