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nendil ([personal profile] nendil) wrote2006-05-09 12:01 am
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It's E3 again, day 1.5

Oh god, FINALLY my internet connection is cooperating a bit.

Can't make out any text!  I'm sure this'll be amended by tomorrow.
Page 1: Mmm, getting Shadow of the Colossus flashbacks... which can only be a good thing as every time I play it I keep thinking to how Twilight Princess better be *at least* that pretty.
Page 2: Upside down what?  Wait, anti-gravity boots what?  Also, the revelation of the motion sensor in the nunchuck add-on finally makes a bow/arrow motion make sense.
Page 3: Midna in the non-Twilight world?  Also, Link aghast at the level of pollution on Hylian fish.
Page 4: W...what?  Link-wolf is... disintegrating? =/  Looks like he's ::nearly-baseless speculation:: being pulled into the twilight realm or something...

Passing the time by playing bits and pieces of PHOENIX WRIGHT, ACE ATTORNEY. Finally I got my hands on this game, and for only $20 too. Sweet.

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