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nendil ([personal profile] nendil) wrote2005-05-19 07:32 pm
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Look Out It's E3, round 4

This is way too hardcore for me. =D (no it's not) But I MUST get my hands on a picture of that official Link cosplay guy. =D

Edit: Oh. He's just wearing a big head. Iiiiiii think I'll stick to PikminLink ;)

Allow me to now plug a game that I've overlooked until now: Okami. Simply a-mazing. The art style is extremely creative and gorgeous, and the gameplay mechanic is original (for the PS2) as well. You'll just have to see for yourself exactly what is so awesome about it. Go look. Now.

I'd love to see this ported to the DS, but alas the graphics would probably be a tall order...

Watching the demo section on the ranch, I just noticed that the grass Link picks to whistle for Epohis horse is shaped like a horseshoe, and the grass to whistle for the hawk is shaped like wings. GENIUS. XD I mean, that's just the kind of non-realistic-but-intuitive kind of thing that would go into a Zelda game. Love the whimsy =) Good way to set up for puzzles, too, come to think of it...

Edit: ...Oh, it's called horse grass. Well then.

So, I've now got a copy of Twisted Metal: Head On for the PSP. Anyone wanna buy it off me? =P

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