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What's that pile of fluff on my chair?

Nice to meet you, I'm a Kiki )
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My kitty girl is missing :( Bonkers scared herself silly by knocking over some stuff last Friday night, and ran off probably further than she usually goes. There's been a few reported sightings from neighbors, but there are a number of black cats in the neighborhood... including another one that's currently missing. At least I have the comfort that she hasn't taken off her collar in ages, so chances are if someone finds her they'll have contact information... as long as she's not too shy to approach someone eventually.

Recently on Craigslist, a LA-based service that uses bloodhounds to track down lost pets posted that they'll be in the San Francisco area this weekend. I spoke to them and found out their dogs are quite competent and the conditions are decent, but most of the time they can only track down a trail of where the animal generally has gone... and it costs $750 for that basic service. I can afford the cost without significant issue, but of course it's still no small chunk of change, and it improves the chances but not guarantees that kitty will be found. I was hemming and hawing over this as the deadline for putting in the deposit grew near...

So I asked my tarot cards to make up my mind. )
This deck has always been the best at hitting on-target, I hope it's right this time!

Miss you baby... hope you can make it home.


Apr. 29th, 2011 04:54 pm
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zzz )

Kitty #3

Aug. 3rd, 2010 10:15 pm
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I...I've been snuggling with... with... you??

I'm flying!

Is there a problem here?

Internet's been mostly down at home for the past couple of days (thank goodness for the workplace :P) so I've gotten a little more art done. Yay!

P.S. Finally upgraded my layout to S2, not that it matters. I wish it were a little more designed to my aesthetic tastes, but eh :effort:

Is picspam

Jul. 12th, 2007 11:24 pm
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Kitten is doing fantastic. She's very curious and playful now, but still affectionate and very, very smart. She's been unofficially nicknamed "Bonk" because she's so happy to see us she'll flop down on the floor and roll around, unheeding of bonking her head on the floor. ::thonk::

I got finger!

I got shoe!

This is what she looks like in real time.

Finally worn out.

She also sits and talks to the humidifier. I hope to get a video of that someday.


Jul. 3rd, 2007 12:15 pm
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On Sunday our neighbor brought us kitten-in-a-box. He found her injured by the side of the road. She has a nasty bite on her neck, a cut on her head, and what looks like a hurt back leg. We did the best we could for her and she seems to be doing okay, eating and using the litter box and everything a kitty on the mend should be doing. She's an uber snuggly kitten, probably only a couple months old, and already thinks I'm Mommy.

(I think it's a she. But I may yet be proven wrong.)

Her fur is all spiky because we put antibiotic ointments on, and she's been getting nightly baths which are not happy times but she's very very good and mostly holds still. But now she follows me everywhere and how am I supposed to get any homework done?
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Something happened over Thanksgiving break! But I wasn't able to show it off until now =(

Meet Pom-Pom, the sweetest kitten in the world. )


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