Apr. 28th, 2012 12:39 am
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I put up my Battleship poster next to my Mars Needs Moms poster.

It is hilarious. )
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Hollywood's VFX Sweatshops - TIME

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Why is the 3-D so bad in Clash of the Titans?

My supervisor could tell you much more on the topic (and I could tell you a bit too), but this article covers the one-step-beyond-layman info pretty well. But basically, it comes down to "2D-to-3D conversions without sufficient time, budget, and knowledge SUCKS."
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YESSSSSSS the Japanese trailer is out. Now you guys can see how hilariously creepy the edit was. XD Although this is a very different cut from the rough teaser one I saw, it's still about the same in atmosphere, and represents the overall tone of the movie INFINITELY times better than the English trailers.

It's interesting that the Japanese translation calls the spirits "dead ghosts". Not quite true, but spoooooky. Then again about half of the subtitles in that trailer were inaccurate. XP

Edit: Notice not a SINGLE "humbug" in that trailer
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What do you know, they managed to make that second trailer after all! :D It's not significantly more respectable (more squeaky voice than the actual movie D:) but at least it shows more better-rendered scenes.
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Well at least the part we do is.
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Yaaaay, they finally put it online. I don't know why they finally decided to do it now - maybe because of D23 Expo? But we're scheduled to have a longer trailer out next week with Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, so this one is like virtually obsolete :P Though from what I've heard about the new trailer, it doesn't really paint the movie in a much more respectable light. JUST GO SEE IT OKAY I SWEAR IT'S NOT RIDICULOUS HIJINKS

At least now you can see for yourself how good the animation quality is! And personally I think this looks better than what I've seen in the theaters because the color timing has been kind of weird and blown out. These online clips are representative of the original color space from the images I've been seeing at work. :3


Jul. 27th, 2009 01:45 pm
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::blows snowflake off nose::

(Gawd, finally a decent looking promo shot. Now where's our trailer dammit?)
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Goddamn! Why does Germany have a totally way more badass movie poster than we do!? I want to trade in my free company-distributed poster for this one! Fortunately the link has a huge resolution version that I MIGHT JUST PRINT OUT MYSELF GODDAMMIT

Seriously, check it out it's like 100x more awesome:
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Leave it to marketing to pick the (almost) worst possible single image and 19 non-contiguous seconds of footage out of a beautiful 5-minute trailer to send to the press! Regardless, here it is: Just... keep in mind that it's 1) blurry and dark from compression 2) not in THREE DEE 3) cut up like Wolverine, Freddie Kreuger, and Edward Scissorhands just got done with it 4) not showing any of the emotive acting moments whatsoever. ARGLEBLARGLE

K...keep posted for further redeeming footage...
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Hay guys check it out

All y'alls in the Bay Area better save the date for when the train comes to townRedwood City because you know I'm going to be dragging you there by your collars.

Cannes starts next Wednesday and so does our world premiere! I'll be posting our promo website as soon as it goes up, of course. Wait till you see the footage!


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