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Barging on ahead. Hopefully this looks sufficiently 1) like Neville, 2) like a Justice card and not King of Swords or something.

11. Justice (values sketch) )
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Wow, long time. I have quite a few past-due journal entries to write/post, but I set myself a deadline for this one and barely made it so here it is, first.

10. Wheel of Fortune (final) )
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This hung around unfinished for longer than necessary. I am just not enthused about drawing horse-men, it seems. Even if they're supposed to be ~*dreamy*~*. (Even though I think centaurs are more interesting if there are more hybridized/animalistic features rather than stacking a bishie guy on top of a bishie horse.)

09. The Hermit (final) )
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Man, I feel like a pandaing pandering furry artist. Thanks a lot, JKR.

09. The Hermit (values sketch) )
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I start my new job tomorrow so I better get this done!

08. Strength (final) )
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Not much to say because I've gone cross-eyed from tweaking this thing's special effects. ENOUGH.

07. The Chariot )
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This card started out uncooperative and fighting me at every step, but now (after making a bunch of changes) I think it's become one of the best so far. I've spent some time studying on art forums and blogs, can you tell?

Now if I could put that knowledge to use on something other than fanart...

06. The Lovers )
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Two sketches at once! These two cards aren't strictly related (or even necessarily neighbors) in the usual tarot deck, but in this deck I feel like they're complementary opposites, so wanted to do them together.

07. The Chariot + 08. Strength (values sketch) )

Using a more concept art (read: painterly) style to develop these because they're more about the feeling of the scene than the lines of the subject... if that makes any sense to you guys. I may keep working in this method for future sketches, but it will most likely depend on the card.
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The last version of this sketch was pretty lazy because I wanted to put it out for some feedback from you guys. Y'all didn't help :P I'm sticking with this Ginny because more and more it really fits my feel for her.

Anyways, I developed the sketch more and I think it is much more suitable a "working sketch" now.

06. The Lovers (values sketch) )
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I had a lot of trouble trying to nail down the sketch for this one. (Seriously you don't want to see the previous attempts.) Turns out that I needed to just zoom in and draw a face, instead of working the overall composition as a whole as is generally good practice. I suppose that's to be expected with an emotional-centric piece...

06. The Lovers (prelim sketch) )

I don't ship it, myself, buuuut I suppose this warrants the "rampant shipping" tag in of itself. :P
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My kitty girl is missing :( Bonkers scared herself silly by knocking over some stuff last Friday night, and ran off probably further than she usually goes. There's been a few reported sightings from neighbors, but there are a number of black cats in the neighborhood... including another one that's currently missing. At least I have the comfort that she hasn't taken off her collar in ages, so chances are if someone finds her they'll have contact information... as long as she's not too shy to approach someone eventually.

Recently on Craigslist, a LA-based service that uses bloodhounds to track down lost pets posted that they'll be in the San Francisco area this weekend. I spoke to them and found out their dogs are quite competent and the conditions are decent, but most of the time they can only track down a trail of where the animal generally has gone... and it costs $750 for that basic service. I can afford the cost without significant issue, but of course it's still no small chunk of change, and it improves the chances but not guarantees that kitty will be found. I was hemming and hawing over this as the deadline for putting in the deposit grew near...

So I asked my tarot cards to make up my mind. )
This deck has always been the best at hitting on-target, I hope it's right this time!

Miss you baby... hope you can make it home.
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Architecture, more like ARRRRGHitecture. The pain!

05. The Hierophant (final) )

(What the hell kind of a color scheme is this? After a storm, I guess?...)
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PERSPECTIVE: easy to look cool, hard to look right. How's this looking?

05. The Hierophant (values sketch) )

Gotta run now!
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04. The Emperor (final) )

Now I've got a couple of pics to get done for February... :P
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Haven't felt like posting (or being sufficiently productive) in a while. Looking for, and starting, a new job has been pretty preoccupying. (Also Rock Band 3. XP)

Anyway, I've been doing tarot readings for random people on a certain forum for a while now to good success, and the thought has occured to me now and then that I should open it to you guys here... if anybody even takes me up on it. :P [ profile] vashka_kat inspired me to finally go through with it! So here's the guidelines!

* I own three four decks: Universal Waite, Shadowscapes Tarot, Tarot of the Magical Forest, and the Chinese Tarot. You are welcome to request any of those decks, else I will just pick the one I feel will answer your question best. Do note that the Chinese Tarot is good for art but not so good for useful answers, so it's the comedy option because I will do any readings with that deck in a ching-chong-wing-wong five dorrah Confucius accent.

* You can ask a specific question, regarding a topic or area of interest, or for just general outlook. I will pull 3-4 cards for you, though you can request a 10-card Celtic Cross spread if you so desire. That will take longer, however.

* My new job keeps me busier than my previous one, so the earliest I'll be able to start posting readings is Friday evening.

* You can have a look at the readings I've been doing starting here, if you need an idea of how this works. :>
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A bit overdue.

03. The Empress (final) )

Wanna go home and play Rock Band...
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04. The Emperor (values sketch) )

I'm finding that my art efficiency is improving tremendously since I started setting aside a temp folder to collect "style guides", or art/pictures that inspire the feel I want for the current piece. Since I consider my painting process to be something like "correcting a series of mistakes until all the most offensive ones are gone," this really helps cut down on the time I spend fumbling around trying to find the "look" I want.
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While you guys pick apart this one, I'll start working on the sketch for The Emperor :)

03. The Empress (values sketch) )

Telling myself that I can get this one done before Thanksgiving, appropriately :> No rush though!
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Well this one took no time at all BECAUSE I DIDN'T HAVE TO DRAW HANDS.

02. The High Priestess (final) )


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