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Done. They gave us baseball caps with tassels and a dinky MP3 player. :3

Demo reel here. Now for jobs.
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Now I gotta make him a suit. Dammit.
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Peaches, bitches.

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Did anybody watch the movie Animalympics when they were younger?

This used to be one of my favorite videos to check out from the library - the animation and characters had so much charm without using cheap gags, and the real-world references were more clever (and grown-up) than one would expect from an 80s animated movie. However the copy I watched over and over was in Chinese so I never would have known what to search for until yesterday I caught a mention of the title and a long-forgotten light bulb in some dusty corner flicked on. Did you know Brad Bird worked on the animation (mostly as an inbetweener)?

In other news, here is one part of my demo reel that's actually finished. It's a digital set projection where I hand-painted all the textures because the original photo was too low-res. (fail.) I've never been to Suzhou but I wouldn't mind taking a tour someday!

Download (Quicktime file, 18.3 mb)
Ugh, that compression format kills my colors, so if you've got bandwidth to spare, try the uncompressed version:
Download (Quicktime file, 264 mb)

In other other news, I can't stop working on a-thing-that-is-not-a-school-project. But it'll be pretty at least. prettier than it needs to be

P.S. After two weeks of Wii Fit I've lost 0.1 pound from initial. But at least I'm not gaining anymore. vv

Hey ctrl_a

May. 13th, 2008 10:06 pm
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So it may not look like much change to y'all but his bone structure is better believe you me.
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Iron Man is probably the best superhero movie I've seen. (The Dark Knight might outdo it, but other than that hands down no contest.) But I missed the scene after the credits so I GUESS I'LL HAVE TO GO SEE IT AGAIN. OH WOE.

So let's see, what have I got to show...

Remember this?

And hey, this is done.

Props (to myself) if you can already identify who this is.

P.S. My Smash Bros. internet connection has been a jerk ever since the day after I got it. If you want to play me online, find me on AIM to arrange a time.
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Portfolio review is next Thursday, so I'm gonna have to get my butt into gear and finish/make my projects presentable. (that, and jobs.) So I promise that I'll show some stuffs around then.


Mar. 3rd, 2008 01:44 am
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Revamping portfolio website to have more professional stuff. Tedious.

Here's another matte painting layout, really really rough. Blue is purty ^___^

It'll actually be a big cave shaped like a deep-sea fangly fish. Think Cave of Wonders from Aladdin, but stone instead of sand.
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A slight update. Little bigger this time:

Warning: seriously over-rambled Smash nerd-ing below. Seriously, you won't know what I'm talking about. )

To make up for that awful nerdrant just now, here's some fanart. Oh god how I miss fanart

I'd spend time to color this, but it's not gonna get me a job.

And I thought Peach's dress was complicated last gen... =_=


Feb. 20th, 2008 03:19 am
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So... uh, let's just forget about this disappearing-for-months-on-end thing. Long story short, mom bought house, we rent house, assload of fixer-uppers. On the plus side, if you happen to be in the LA area for a visit, we could host ya :>

But that's not what I'm here for tonight. Instead I'm gonna show you this very-in-progress matte painting:
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Since [ profile] ling84 seems to think I'm dead, I'd better let you guys know I'm not.

First, Sonic is officially in Smash Brawl! ...Snake is cooler though.

And now, the mystery of sculpture guy solved:

In your face!

How does he do it??

P.S. If someone can tell me what Link is doing to/with Zelda in this video (Edit: in respect to the game. Is that a taunt?) then you are better than me.
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I was going to post about this earlier in the term but I guess I didn't. For Zbrush class everyone picked a monster/creature out of a hat to model, and I got... a zombie. I said "Well, that's awfully generic isn't it?" and got to pick again and got... Gollum! Finally those Art of LotR books and general ex-fangirl obsessiveness have come in handy.

Obviously I'm not that good with Zbrush yet, and there are a lot of things I would be able to do easily on a clay sculpture that I had trouble achieving. But Zbrush had some perfect tools for painting skin, yes it did. I actually painted the entire texture with ease during class in a couple of hours.

(Not so good for doing eyes, though. That's more of a Photoshop + Maya role.)
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None of you guys have guessed the guy's pose yet. :P Maybe you can try again when I post the final photos in a week or two - although I don't think I'll have time to put clothes on him so that won't make it easier.
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Finally came to the realization that using After Effects instead of Premiere to edit videos is lolertastic. Well, my school only taught us compositing programs... >:X

Anyway, you don't care. Instead, here's some pics of my project for sculpture class. First one to correctly identify the pose gets a bonus picture of bonky kitten.

Edit: Man, you guys are all thinking too geeky. It's a normal human; I just want people to guess what he's doing.
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I'll have my friend code for them Pokeymans in another couple of days. Prepare thineselves! I have the Pokerus!

I haven't had, and won't have for a while, time to work on this more, so here's the state it'll be in for some time:

And this is amusing because all y'alls can rank it for the next 12 days to better fit me:

I agree with the analysis, but I dunno about the creature. (With a name like Aerodon you'd think it'd be a bird.) See if you can make it better! :3

Oh, and bunnies are NOT dependable. Unless you're depending on them to chew through all your wires.
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Bwahaha, Kevin and I made it onto the God of War II extras disc as playtesters. You get to see him talking like he's a psycho maniac and me button mashing as if I don't know how to play video games. XD

Since I was putting them together today, here are the good results from Production Design I. ) I wasn't too fond of the class but it did turn out some good stuff. I'll have to scan the figure drawings and maybe post those too sometime.
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Been killed by school. Here's a wip preview of final-project-that-won't-be-done-in-time-for-the-final-but-that's-okay.

I'll pull myself out of the grave in a week or two to give the end report.

P.S. 200 bonus art points if you recognize the painting this is based on. :3 If you don't, just wait and I'll explain all next time.
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Once upon a time when I started this journal, I intended to make a post every day even if it takes petty stuff. Well these days I post to entertain rather than be petty, but I've got a class practically every day so I'm always trying to catch up my homework. :( But hey, at least it's turning out some nifty stuff that I should really share, successful or not. So let's see here.

Today I've got... Polygon Modeling I! And so far I've done... a kitchen faucet! It's textured because coincidentally(?) the Texturing II class the same week was to texture a faucet, so whee. That won't be the case for all my modeling classes.

Boy, I've got so much backlogged homework to post. At least there'll be steady content if I remember.

Downloading: Massive amounts of Loveline episodes. Great to listen to when doing homework because I'm not using the language part of my brain.
In love with: Five for Fighting. Sensitive lyrics, beautiful piano and guitar.
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Okami is the most beautiful game ever made, hands down.  And it's topped Ocarina of Time as my "best game ever", at least until Twilight Princess comes out (possibly).  But I'm not even past the "prologue" (15 hours in), so no spoilers mmkay?

As for some not-so-beautiful art, here's some renders from my Gnomon homeworks so far.
Intro to Maya assignment: NURBS; model the monitor in front of you.
Intro to Maya assignment: NURBS; model watch from a picture.  We'll texture it next week.
Texturing 1 assignment: make some of these materials from procedurals: wax, rubber, opaque plastic, gold, glossy paint, glass, chrome, clear plastic, metallic paint.  I made all of them, some more successful than others.  The environment is ugly but it's just to see if everything reflects/refracts properly.
Texturing 1 assignment: texture a polygon mallet.  But I made it into a mallethead shark :)  Hand-painted textures just to see if I can.

Will have more in 1 or 2 weeks, including Okami-inspired brush marker practice!
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Monday: 3-6pm Intro to Maya, 7-10pm Visual Composition 1
Tuesday: 9am-4pm lab, 4-7pm Texturing 1
Wednesday: 9am-4pm lab, 4-7pm History/Principles of Animation
Thursday: 9am-7pm lab
Friday: 9am-4pm lab
Saturday: free
Sunday: 9am-12pm Storyboards, 1-4pm lab, 4-7pm Intro to Compositing

30 hours required lab time + 6x3hr classes = more than full-time job. Good thing I like it!

(there's a "current location" tag now? Omoshiroi.)


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