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Gotta step it up oh god. I finished these faces, but not full bodies (or even hair) yet except for Venus. These are at 75% zoom and they won't look as purty at display size :X

Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter )

Days until Fanime: 75 (AAAAAGH.)
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So, this new Eeveelution:

I'm just sayin'
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So I opened up Maya for the first time in over a year because I can't draw geometric shapes or perspective. Totally forgot how to accomplish anything, but at least my fingers still instinctively remembered how to move the camera and the move/rotate/resize tools!
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Guys this is hard. Is her face looking okay? )

Well, I said I wouldn't prioritize this thing but that doesn't mean I don't still want to work on it. :P
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FUCK, ARE YOU KIDDING ME. This is just internet rumor-ing RIGHT RIGHT???

But I wouldn't have posted it if it didn't look like it's got some credibility to it.
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(Nintendo E3 conference in a few hours so I better get this chunk done already!)

I was excited to get to her at last :) But it was pretty hard. Doesn't help that I started on a sketch with terrible proportions so I was constantly having to adjust and fix things.

Moon )

Those earrings look so cute :D I want them :D

Days until APE: 130
Characters complete: 9/31
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This one went faster because well, I didn't have to paint 90% of a body. But still didn't make up any time.

Earth )

Days until APE: 155
Characters complete: 8/31

Poofy :3

May. 5th, 2012 06:04 am
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Hopelessly behind. Too much to do, too tired. I'll just slowly plug away and deadlines be damned.

Juno, Chibimoon )

Days until APE: 161
Characters complete: 7/31
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Cutting it close~ It was seriously dead at work yesterday and today, otherwise I would've fallen behind already. And this isn't so much "finished" as it is "sufficiently refined", but I go back and touch up stuff in "finished" parts when I look at them days later anyway so this'll be enough progress for now.

Ceres )

Days until APE: 192
Characters complete: 5/31

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So I did the math and if I were to get this done by APE, I'd basically have to finish one character per week (with a tiny bit of leeway but let's not talk about that). Fortunately, so far my new job's been pretty accommodating ;) so it's just my own laziness sleepiness holding me back!

Vesta, Pallas )

Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with the schedule, which means you should look forward to weekly updates here. FINGERS CROSSED/KNOCK ON WOOD/AND ALL THAT.

(And I feel bad for all the other projects I'll have to leave by the wayside for like half a year. Gotta have goals, though...)

Days until APE: 199
Characters complete: 4/31
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A year ago I was lamenting how I'd never pull off something like that epic Zelda fanart in a million years. Well, much like every other prediction I make about my art, disregard that.

Oh god it's huge! But not as huge as the final version will be! )

Today is the 20th anniversary of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon's first episode airing in Japan. I had wanted to finish this tribute by then, but there was no way that was going to happen, so I figured I might as well give you guys a glimpse. At least I can aim to get it done within this year! :)

Close-ups from the most finished part: )

(Yup, all those portraits in the past few months were warm-ups for this. And also they were fun :3)
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I'm glad I let this one sit for a bit because I finally saw what I needed was some cool color in the highlights. Although I didn't really succeed that much. Oh well, moving on.

Jupiter - done )
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I've never related to Jupiter very well, so I don't quite feel as solid on capturing her personality. For those of you who know & care - how's she look, character-wise?

Jupiter - progress )
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Yup, time to switch gears a bit. I don't want to go on to Jupiter just yet after this, anyway.

Mars - done )
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I SWEAR I'LL WORK ON A TAROT CARD AFTER THIS ONE. I just gotta balance out the roster first. Plus she's purty.

Mars - in progress )
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Could use more work, but I've done everything I wanted to do so time to move on.

gg next round )

Enjoy your weekend, all.
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I did make a meager effort to start sketching The Hermit (and I do like where it's going), but these portraits are SO much easier and faster and funner. XP

Hold on guys, I'm getting a codec call )

Pretty out of energy (and time) to work more on this tonight.
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You guys didn't say anything. :P I'm pretty sure I'll do more of these, but probably interspersed with stuff I should be doing.

Screw hands. )

Looks like I am not really capable of "tightening up" a painting. Oh well, it's... style...!
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Hey guess what day it is! It's Revisiting Old Fandoms Day!

doo bee doodle )

(I could just cut it off right around here, but I think I'll see how refined I can take it since I've been painting rough for so long. At least, I'll give it another day or so.)
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I don't care what you nitpickers have to say - I know it's not photo-perfect. Screw dat, I'm done here.


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