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What, me draw fanart without putting shipping in? OHOHO YOU KNOW THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE

Dynamism! Dutch angles! Perspecti--uh-oh. )

Help how do I learn to put eyes properly on a face without relying on complete accident ._.
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Placing the blame on [ profile] ling84 and [ profile] loobywibble, I made my own Zelda cake toppers for my wedding. I kind of wanted to keep it a surprise, so I hadn't posted any progress shots previously. Today I put the final finishing touches as best as I can, so it's finally time to show it! )

Well, I still have a good amount of clay and wire left. Maybe I'll do this again someday... but definitely bigger.
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It always turns out that I'm like "Oh, I'm okay with not having drawn anything for Valentine's Day." and then I see all the stuff other people have done and regret it. So hey, here's something I've had sitting around and won't get to for a while.

Still lots to do. )

The intended context of this scene is somewhat of a game spoiler, but it's okay as long as I don't tell you. :)
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Heeey I used to "be" a "writer" once upon a time. Somehow (as in, about 10 agonizing words at a time), this got done. Not that I think anyone here is following this story, but at least you can look for typos for me, if you want.

Chapter 7 )

A while ago I was doodling and ended up with a scene from this story, years and a bazillion chapters from now. I didn't deem it important enough to post, but since I'm on the subject and since I've been so pathetically sparse with art, you can take a look if you want.
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There is also )
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The last version of this sketch was pretty lazy because I wanted to put it out for some feedback from you guys. Y'all didn't help :P I'm sticking with this Ginny because more and more it really fits my feel for her.

Anyways, I developed the sketch more and I think it is much more suitable a "working sketch" now.

06. The Lovers (values sketch) )
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I had a lot of trouble trying to nail down the sketch for this one. (Seriously you don't want to see the previous attempts.) Turns out that I needed to just zoom in and draw a face, instead of working the overall composition as a whole as is generally good practice. I suppose that's to be expected with an emotional-centric piece...

06. The Lovers (prelim sketch) )

I don't ship it, myself, buuuut I suppose this warrants the "rampant shipping" tag in of itself. :P
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Fun fact: out of my past 12 paintings, 7 have featured wings. This is FAR TOO MUCH seeing how I suck at drawing wings.

Girl, you're sitting on my reins )
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So I lied when I said I was going to work on some other stuff before that. NOBODY IS SURPRISED.

Actually worked on the background first for once! )

This shouldn't take much longer (I don't want it to take much longer), depending on how much time I spare the next some days.
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I had intended to hold off on Skyward Sword fanart until the game's out... but it was a futile effort. This will be completed later because I have some other things to work on first, but, you know. Had to get it out. )

(For those of you not in the loop but still care for some reason :P, see this and this for context.)
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I need this muse. (Warning: NSFW for boob; rest of site is much more NSFW. But a damned good comic.)

So if you ever get a still life assignment of apples and stuff and think "Ugh, when is this ever going to come in handy", well, here's your answer. )
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The art in that last post blew my mind so hard it knocked me out of my slump. Let's (start to) get some crap finished.

Clean line art from me? That's unpossible! )

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Whoops, I couldn't resist and did another [ profile] 1sentence set... This one's strictly a sketch of Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask and beyond, in chronological order.

Time will tell )
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Yeeeah, that's enough effort for something that wasn't even commissioned. XP

The reveal! )
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It is probably not the best idea to declare a painting finished at 4am but I DON'T CARE, NO MORE OF THIS.

SO MUCH EFFORT. NEVER AGAIN. D: ) what I would say, but this has actually been a tremendously valuable learning experience.

Lesson 1: Plan composition and lighting BEFORE (or at least concurrently with) lineart or face the risk of BORING.
Lesson 1b: Rule of thirds! Easy and delicious!

Lesson 2: Don't count on painting to cover up f-ed up lineart, it will not work and you will regret it! D:
Lesson 2b: Get models D:

Lesson 3: Colors need to be unified in a picture, even with crazy bright & saturated fantasy designs!
Lesson 3b: Photoshop is the best lifesaver EVER. I fear for myself if I ever go back to a brush & canvas.

Lesson 4: Shadows on left side, light on right side ;)
Lesson 4b: However, objects in the composition should read left-to-right!

Lesson 5: Define the faces and hands well first, and everything else will come together easy-peasy.
Lesson 5b: Except fabric folds. >:[

Lesson 6: Strong, realistic lighting makes or breaks a picture. Lern 2 impresionsm.
Lesson 6b: Big/rough brushstrokes are okay valuable. Lern 2 impresionsm x2.

A-And I was going to ramble more here but I'M GOING TO GO DIE NOW KTHX BAI.
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HANDS ARE HARD. This hand pose is even harder. D: Thank goodness I had strong light sources to define the planes or they'd have turned out a blobby mess. (Not that they necessarily aren't.)

This is at 100% resolution. )

Oh and worked on faces 'n stuff too. Hope the expressions are... expressive... enough.

Hopefully not "annoyed" or "constipated" D:

As always, nitpick away...

Pew pew!

Mar. 13th, 2010 01:04 am
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Sigh... I could use a bit of ego-boost (or at least critique), guys.

In which I futilely attempt to do something about the blank blue sky. )
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All's fair in love and war, and chess is a little of both. A character study on black and white squares.

En Passant )
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Oh my god, what have I done. Let's... let's just call this companion art for that thing down there. Cavities warning: Don't ship -> don't click.

A thousand sweet kisses )

Planning to clean up and color them each into individual scenes later with environments and everything, but you know how my plans go.


Edit: Actually started doing said coloring. Click on the link in each title (if available) to see the post with the finished version.
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50 topics from the [ profile] 1sentence community. Even when starting a brand new slate, a little piece of destiny always tags along. Link/Zelda across all lifetimes and worlds.

New Game Plus )


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