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As promised, I'm here to give a thorough rundown and review of Jui Guoliang's Chinese Tarot deck. I'll be showing scans of most (though not all) of the cards, which are hopefully small enough to not err... incur un-fair usage... but I do encourage you to click through and take a look at the very nice artworks even if you don't read my humongous info-dumps (and I can't blame you for that XP).

Overall I like these cards very much as an art deck, though the tarot associations are not as strong as they could be. I would have used many more archetypal characters from Chinese mythology & literature (and even history), and I'll be explaining my own choices for each card down below. (Granted, I'm far from an expert on Chinese culture and a large deal of my knowledge comes from Journey to the West... but the most popularly-known cultural elements are the strongest and most archetypal, right?) Nonetheless, I think the deck has a relatively fair compromise between Chinese references and relatability to a Western audience - in fact, there are a lot of things that people without a Chinese cultural knowledge wouldn't get even after reading the included Little White Booklet. And that's why I'm making this post!

(Apologies for using Simplified Chinese in these posts. I would have used Traditional to match the text on the cards, but I tried to figure out how to type in the Traditional Chinese input systems a while back and failed miserably. I need my pinyin!!)

Major Arcana 1/3 )

This may be tl;dr for you to read but it's even more time-consuming for me to research and type out. :P More next time!
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Got my Youtube stream, got my cup of tea, got Notepad open for snarking/rambling/SQUEEING. LET'S DO THIS THING.

Nintendo connnnnnference )

Holy cow, Nintendo completely blew it out of the water this year, even with me expecting great things just from Zelda and 3DS alone. :D~~~~~ I can't wait to link you guys to the trailers for all these games; this post will be updated when they're up. Trailers up! Most of them are from the conference footage, I'll covertly swap them with direct-feed videos as they come in. Nintendo was nice enough to provide convenient links to everything!
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Horray, all the Major Arcana thumbnails!! At this point, I am going to not yet go onto the Minors but try to work on the full-size versions of these cards instead, because it's better to have a completed Majors-only deck than nothing at all. (Plus I'm eager to get started on doing some full paintings.) I still have every bit of intention to do the whole deck, but you never know when life will throw me another tripstone.

Overview - all together now! )

On to real painting E3 squealing~!
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This is going to be THE most difficult and time-consuming Majors card to paint, calling it now. Ironically the thumbnail came together quite quickly, for how long I've turned it over in my mind - probably because I totally didn't bother to do accurate perspective or architecture.

20 - Judgement (thumbnail) )

I did finish all the cards on time! The last thumbnail will be posted tomorrow once my clock ticks over to June 14th :P
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I was also blocked on this one for a long time because James Potter is such a cocky bastard. Glad to have pushed it through, will probably go back and put in better lighting later.

04 - The Emperor (thumbnail) )

I got the Chinese Tarot deck today and it's just as nice as I imagined! The detailed review will have to wait till after E3 though, it's gonna be a big post. My original plans had me finishing off the thumbnails JUST before the Nintendo conference on Tuesday, but am having a busy weekend so we'll see if it happens.
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13 - Death (thumbnail) )

(Does this even look like a Death card at all...?)
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Not sure if this one fits the style, but I did my best~

18 - The Moon (thumbnail) )

Drifting a little bit off-focus from RWS definitions...
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I was mid-way stuck on this one for a long time (since before the thumbnails dry-spell) because I think the amount of stuff to draw turned me off (and I'm not looking forward to drawing it out in full, either). Someday I will be able to put more than minimal effort into backgrounds. Someday. :\

03 - The Empress (thumbnail) )
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Ahh, good ol' rim lighting makes everything look better.

14 - Temperance (thumbnail) )

Also, corrected the color scheme for The Hanged Man. )
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This one is also sloppy because it was done at the same time as The Lovers. Sorry if it all looks like a bunch of blobbiness.

12 - The Hanged Man (thumbnail) )

(I always knew Snape was a good guy all along. Hrmph. :P)
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I just got my copy of the Shadowscapes Tarot a couple days ago and it is so lovely and inspirational I want to return to my own deck again. Only 7 thumbnails to go! It shouldn't be that big of an obstacle! JUST GET TO DA CHOPPA GET IT DONE DAMMIT

(This is super-duper sloppy, guys, because I'm tired, so apologies if you can barely understand what's going on. I figured it's better to slam out the rest of the Majors thumbnails I've been feeling blocked on so that I can get past the ugh design stage and get into the "make things pretty" stage.)

06 - The Lovers (thumbnail) )

One more tomorrow when I have the energy to ramble about it.
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So I was wanting a place to get comments & publicity post & link my new ...upcoming... fanarts and I was thinking of finally sticking stuff up on the DeviantArt account that I've been using to browse smut had sitting around for apparently 2 years now. But I have some reserves about it (which is why I haven't bothered using it till now) so I'd just like to ramble for a bit about things that bother me and maybe some of you can help me with some insights.

rabble rabble )
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I didn't expect to feel so satisfied with a composition that I had to redesign and re-think several times over since that usually leads to stagnation, but then I drew a big black blob and suddenly it worked. Please feedback to how well it works, because I want it to have an emotional impact a little bit.

15 - The Devil (thumbnail) )

Heh, from this point on, I've got 4 more character cards, two of which I'll probably be doing next, and then all the rest are scenes from the last book. Maybe I subconsciously didn't want to get to them because they're not quite as ingrained into my HP-mindscape. :P
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Wow, the internet will tell you everything.

09 - The Hermit (thumbnail) )
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Work has been deadly hectic lately so it might take me a few extra days to build up the reserve of thumbnails again. Nonetheless I still have this one left:

05 - The Hierophant (thumbnail) )

11/22 cards posted, 2/22 in progress. Halfway done!
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I would have saved this for tomorrow's schedule, but it's 10:30pm and I'm STILL sitting at work so I feel like producing something. Here's a LOT of rambling about a simple(?) card.

11 - Justice (thumbnail) )
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A lot of fanartists, at least ones whom I've followed, tend to fall out of the habit as they "grow up". Spare time becomes short as careers take over, and/or original ideas dominate as personal skills (and business sense) develop. I think I'm uniquely in the position to turn out just the opposite of that - I have more personal time now that I'm making a living and not deluged with homework; I'm not doing actual art for my job so my creative energy isn't all spent; and I... never have original ideas. ._. Working on this project kind of makes me want to make a tarot deck that's original or at least public domain-themed that I'd be able to publish (AS IF I'D EVER FINISH EVEN ONE DECK AHAHA), but nothing inspires me nearly as much as a well-crafted pre-existing work. So um... I think my only hope is that one of you will write a really great story that I'd want to illustrate for. How's about dem old-time plans, [ profile] ctrl_a? :P

78 pieces of fanart. I'm never going to finish it. But what if I do?

17 - The Star (thumbnail) )
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Long anticipated by some at least one of you!

19 - The Sun (thumbnail) )


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