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Hi, just wanted to inform you all about the best shiny ever.

Found him on day 2 while hunting for a female Eevee. Now he punches things really hard and flies me everywhere *A*

(And this gen I can even fix his bad ability to make him punch things even more harder! *A*)

(BTW, I know I'm only talking to like 3 people on this journal nowadays but if you're pokemonning, tell me your friend code here.)
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So, this new Eeveelution:

I'm just sayin'
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Confirmed: this Link IS a total girl and I'm pretty sure I'll never be able to draw him as anything but.

Finished... or at least as much work as I'm going to put into it. )

Now onto more serious ...effort-ful... things.
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WHAT THE !^*&# IS THIS $&*(@. There's really no good designs for Gen 5 at all.

I'll still play it though...

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Goddamn, these new Pokemon designs are a load of crap. Have you guys no concept of color unity?? What's going on with that grass-type's feet (and arms for that matter), did you just throw any sense of anatomy or structure out the window?? And why is that water-type so ugly goddamn? THAT IS NOT MARKETABLE.

I had a feeling of foreboding when Zoroa/Zoroark were released, but these starters just take it one step beyond lousy. Hoping they evolve into something totally awesome, otherwise no hope for next gen.

Well, aside from the fact that I could probably finally have a fitting Ganon for my Zelda team...
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I swear aim to have that painting finished by the end of this week. If it doesn't happen, I will be sad. :<

This here is not that thing but it is a totally different thing that happened totally not under the influence of soju. Photo courtesy of [ profile] ctrl_a.

what is this i don't even )

Additional stuff:

* Saw ~2/3rds of How to Train Your Dragon tonight before the whole theater's power died (srsly) and I am already in love. Purchasing the soundtrack RIGHT NOW.

* Finally (finally) started watching Avatar: the Last Airbender with Kevin, and I'm glad I did because the movie's trailer was in front of Dragon and I was able to tell it looked great despite the jarringly lily-white Inuit kids :P I'm not that far in yet so the plot isn't amazing yet, but the quality, especially of the fight scenes, is already showing through. I will watch it all before the movie comes out! Because that's the reason that got me to finally watch it in the first place!
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I came across this and I had to give it a go.

Pokemon kakeru kana!? )

Bonus: Comment with one pokemon of your choice and I will draw it from memory too! B)
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HAHAHA I randomly caught Pokerus AGAIN. That makes for the third time, between original Gold version, Leaf Green (which is still preserved across several games), now Heart Gold. And I haven't even gotten the 8th badge yet. And I don't even plan to do much hardcore breeding/training in this game. XP

Edit: Oh yeah, I think I caught it again naturally in Diamond too, but I had already transferred over some infected dudes from Leaf Green so I wasn't paying attention. How rare was this thing supposed to be again? XP
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Pokemon Heart Gold is coming in the mail! I was totally not going to buy it, but then I came up with a themed team that I just have to play through the game with. And isn't that always the way it is with me and Pokemon. )

Can't wait for all the further wacky teams I'll be able to make come Gen-5 later this year. :P

(What happens if your daemon's true form is a fish? What happens when you choose to have your Wailord follow you around? o.o)


Aug. 8th, 2008 04:03 pm
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Dammit [ profile] ctrl_a. How did we miss this idea. XO
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::la gasp:: Zelda is in SSBB! I was afraid she might not fight anymore since TP Zelda doesn't turn into Sheik (who is probably replaced by Zero Suit Samus). But that's great for me because I'm better with Zelda anyway :3

... um, hi. ::waves feebly:: Pokemon (and school) has eaten my life, as you might or might not guess. Will be picking up PBR later today, Arseus willing, so I'll post the friend code here in some hours.

Edit: And it is 0645-2808-4876
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All right all you Pokésters, it's time to belly up!

1160 6265 0510
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Pokemon Battle Revolution has create-a-trainer feature. :)  At first of course I figured I would make one that looks just like me like I do with everything that has create-a-character.  But then I realized that I should, nay, NEED to make Rilli from ol' PW! days instead.  Of course, she was based on me back then so it wouldn't make much difference anyway.
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Ahhhh!  The new pokeymans are out!  Tons of new evolutions/pre-evos for things that used to suck! Fighting/Psychic alternate evo for Kirlia what the hell! Grass and ice Eeveelutions!  Squeeee!

Ahhhhhh my shiny Magneton will get an evolution to make it even more shiny and kickass!  I knew I was right to hold off on training it until I saw what D/P had in store!

(Also, hell yeah on the fire starter becoming Monkey King.)

Edit: Also also, LOL at Nosepass's new Groucho Marx glasses.

Edit edit:
Heh, I had an old gimmick team from Gold/Silver gen that had a crappy lineup but god it fit my theme so well.
- Jynx (Kaolinite)
- Magcargo (Eudial)
- Togetic (Mimete)
- Tangela (Tellu)
- Porygon2 (Viluy)
- Girafarig (Cyphrine)
Now three of them are getting evolutions! Witches 5 revival!

...or maybe I should just reassign them now that there are so many other choices these days
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Inverse luck day: Worst. Entei. Ever.

HP: 21
AT: 1
DF: 0
SA: 0
SD: 0
SP: 0

He's a keeper. :D

Brag post

Sep. 3rd, 2006 02:47 am
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Boo. Ya.  I won't even go into how against-the-odds awesome its stats are.

Also, here's some nice long-promised San Francisco/Yosemite pictures. )
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Hi guys, meet my newly concieved Leaf Green team.

Of course it will be forever and a day before I actually catch/hatch/raise them all.
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Boyfriend managed to purchase a GBA SP + Pokemon Leaf Green for $3 at a Goodwill.  Whaaaa??

Lemme say that again.  SP + Pokemon.  Three.  Dollars.

So since he already has an SP, I get to inherit this one when I get back, at least till I get a DS ;)  So now for once I can train my own pokemon legitimately (i.e. not uselessly on the emulator) so I need to pick me up a copy of Emerald and watch my productivity plummet!

god help me I'm already planning out my (not quite) competition-level teams, complete with EV training

Art within a few days, maybe.
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Yeah, so I'm up till 1am playing Leaf Green (damn those new islands) instead of up till 1am sewing like I need to, with an 8am class tomorrow. Today. At least I've finished my homework pretty early... this time.

Okay, the faster I get through this thing the faster I'll be done with it. No more emulation this weekend. XP
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Started playing Pokémon Sapphire again--I think I owe it to my loyal team to beat the Elite Four once, at least. ^^;;

Caught a shiny Duskull while training my Swablu (Nayru, aka Cotton Bird, now a beautiful Altaria). See look inn't he cute?

...No of course not, he's a freaky ghost thing. XD But hey, shiny! (If you don't know, they're normally dusty gray.)

Edit: When I say "play", of course I mean "emulate". ::cough::


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