Apr. 21st, 2013 12:44 am
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Today was Earth Day at the local botanical garden, which means it was free. We already have memberships so it would've been free anyway, but it was a good excuse to go out there which we don't do enough of. The last time we went there it was winter, so it was a lot more lively now :)

Big pics, but it's worth it. )
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Wow Trader Joe's, wow.

Does anyone else's Trader Joe's do this kind of stuff or do I just have a particularly artistic store?

Eclipx pix

May. 22nd, 2012 07:59 am
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Our setup:

Straw hat = hundreds of pinholes :)

OMG it's getting thin!!

Max occlusion at 6:30pm.

I saw a post from somebody who took a direct, clear picture with their iPhone and it amazingly didn't even fry the camera. Wish I had dared to try that, gogo magic iPhone optics.
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What's that pile of fluff on my chair?

Nice to meet you, I'm a Kiki )
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I've had a day to recover and now it's time to write my ...writeup!

Biggest success: All six of my prints sold! Some of them even got bidded up beyond the initial price! All together they summed to $540 - not really that much when you deduct costs and time consumed considering I am a WORKING PROFESSIONAL, but I'm just glad to have made a profit (and not have to take any of them home) at all :)

Biggest regret: I had no idea that there were organized photoshoot meetups for specific series at con now, so I had no room in my schedule to make it to the Avatar group shoot (or the Smash Bros or Legend of Zelda shoots (Edit: especially since this happened), for that matter). [ profile] ctrl_a got pics of it which I shall be awaiting, but I really wish I could've been there. NEXT TIME!

Biggest triumph: My crazily rushed waterskin held together completely reliably, and was a super handy stuff-carrying bag to boot! Overall my entire costume (even hair loopies) stayed intact over 12+ hours better than any cosplay I've ever done. It probably helps that it was the most normal and sensible "fashion" out of all my previous options... :P

Biggest ...socialization... accomplishment: I never really cared about the 3DS Streetpass feature (especially since it's not even really my 3DS, but Kevin's), but I knew that it would be now or never to use it. After 1.5 days at con it went from 0 to over 100 Streetpass hits and all puzzle pieces completed. I still don't care about it, but it'll never see that kind of traffic again! ...Until next con.

And of course, the photos are what you're here to see. There were a LOT of cosplayers this year, and a LOT of them were great quality. Instead of taking pictures of every decent costume like I used to do, this time I just threw my hands up and got only pictures of costumes that particularly tickled my fancy. (As you might expect, most of them were video game-related.)

Da pics )

Next up, E3 in 6 days...!
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T-1 days! )

Okay... okay. Time to not die and have a bite to eat.
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Today we went to the Conservatory of Flowers, which was more cool than it sounds :) You can see proof of that in this massive flood of pictures I took! There's like 40 pics here so bear with me. )

Bonus! Being an INDUSTRY PROFESSIONAL OF THE THIRD DIMENSION, I took the time to make this KICKIN' RAD anaglyph picture of the KICKIN' RAD bat flower. Those of you with the ol' red-blue glasses should click here NOW.

(It's not flawless because I just shifted my camera an inch over manually, but it works well enough to show you how cool the flower is. :])
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As promised. Bonus kitteh included.

Tearin' it up )

I shoulda taken more pictures. Next time I wear this costume I'll go to a con and actually bother to do a photoshoot in daylight and maybe even with a vaguely-suitable background.

Kitty #3

Aug. 3rd, 2010 10:15 pm
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I had a LOT of photos piled up from hikes over the past numerous months, and recently I finally went through and made some effort at sorting them. Here's a collection of the best of a certain theme.

I said before that this camera is good for bird watchers. Now you'll see how good. :) )

More fanart soon.

Zoo deux

Nov. 13th, 2009 03:53 pm
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I just found out the other day [ profile] simhuman volunteers to let insects crawl all over her at the SF Zoo! She wasn't there when we visited last month but she can probably tell you the names of all these bugs! )
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And we also went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium! By the way, there are a number of nice videos I took too at both the zoo and aquarium, but I'm kind of too lazy (and inconvenienced) to put them up on Youtube. Maybe later.

blub blub )
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A month ago we went to San Francisco Zoo and I never got around to posting pictures. So here they are because NO MORE CHRISTMAS CAROL POSTS. I could've posted probably twice as many pics as you see here, but I decided to just do the ones that best show off the 18X ZOOM on my shiny new PANASONIC LUMIX FZ-35. ::smug:: As always, images are available in MUCH BIGGER.

Animal mug shots )
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Wow, where'd this mofo come from in the Bay Area in September?? Peeked out the window just in time to catch a spectacular fork, that's when I knew I had to grab my new shiny PANASONIC LUMIX DMZ-FZ35. It took five minutes of video to bring you these screencaps of the one strike I waited long enough for:

It's no Extreme Instability but it's as good as it gets without moving to the midwest. By the way we're amazingly actually wrapping up at work so I shall be alive again in about a week. Now back to sleep!

(Yay, I get to use the weather tag! :D)
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I...I've been snuggling with... with... you??

I'm flying!

Is there a problem here?

Internet's been mostly down at home for the past couple of days (thank goodness for the workplace :P) so I've gotten a little more art done. Yay!

P.S. Finally upgraded my layout to S2, not that it matters. I wish it were a little more designed to my aesthetic tastes, but eh :effort:
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That 10 gallon tank was kind of a piece of crap! We got a 20 gallon off of Craigslist to replace it!

Today is day 15 )

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Can you see them? )

Edit: The miracle of life! Skip to ~2:30 for the exciting bits.

The newborn shrimplet in the center of the picture. Note that this is the same scale as the first photo up top.

Tomorrow: a badass update to the puffer tank! It can now tank without clerics
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Last night Kevin reshaped the substrate, which meant that I had to replant most of the HC (baby's tears). NEVER AGAIN.

Mostly for my own records )
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As promised, the impressive stuff! Upon finding out that I have a cubicle and personal desk at work, I decided right away that I wanted a little tank for it. However, our department didn't get "settled" into our permanent location until about a month ago, so I had this thing running and establishing itself at home for a few months, which is a good thing when it comes to my impatience :P Now it's sitting next to my computer as a terrible nice distraction.

Waaay more photos this time, and all hand-taken! Be prepared so that you don't get BLOWN AWAY.

Tank specs: )

Fishhhhh )

Plants: )

Extra pictures! )


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