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My laptop is crying out in pain at working with a 10000px wide 236mb PSD file! (And it would've been bigger too if SAI didn't have the 10000x10000px file limit.) Well quit yer whinin', computer, we're done with this! )

Next challenge: printing this out properly for Fanime. Anticipating more pain~
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I finally got Okamiden and it is, of course, super cute :3 though a bit slow-paced, unfortunately. Nonetheless it is a good motivation to go and make this Preview! )

I've had this idea steeping in my head for a while, and I decided that I have just enough time (AHAHA) to get it done to sell at Fanime. Brush painting style is fast....... right?
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The Sony conference was mostly completely uninteresting. Instead of attempting to snark on it, here come more Nintendo goodies. )

(I know some of you already have these courtesy of other sites but at least I sat on for like 5 hours for you I'm doing it out of tradition. :P)

Kirby this fall, Epic Mickey and Donkey Kong Country this holiday season, plus 3DS might be out then too... I'm starting to thank Nintendo for delaying Zelda because MY WALLET and spare time HERTZ.
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Careful, it's big. )

And since for once I actually have the restraint to not toss it up on DA the second I declare it done, I'll ask you guys here first: Think people'll want to buy poster-sized prints of this? :)
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Twilight side done! This must have been the most cooperative painting I've done in ages. Maybe I should look into using this kind of brush more often.

french fries. )

I'm hoping to finish the whole thing this weekend if I'm lucky, hopefully Ammy's side won't give me more trouble than I expect.


May. 14th, 2010 02:13 am
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Wolves are not as hard as I thought :D )

Plenty more to do, but pleasantly surprised by how good it looks already despite inexperience in style AND subject. You can see that I've started to mess with the cliff edge there, but it's by no means final.
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Specific question, guys. Hope you understand. )

(Don't mind the weird coloring on Ammy, I shifted her position after the fact. It'll all be fixed!)
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Holy crap, the cutscenes for SSBB adventure mode are beyond AMAZING. I am crying on the inside from awesome ;_; (Edit: So going to make boyfriend play the character I don't pick)

Speaking of awesome, Okami is confirmed for the Wii. I will be buying the $^&@ out of that game. Again. (Anyone want my PS2 version? [ profile] ctrl_a, [ profile] superpan? :P)

Edit: Also speaking of awesome, the Street Fighter IV trailer is a remarkable work of art. Too bad the game is highly unlikely to look anything like that. But if it does, it'd definitely be something I'd look into despite being no good at any fighting game without the words "Smash" and "Bros" in the title.
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So completely in love with brush markers. Check this out: )

It's too hot in here. Off to the overly-air conditioned computer lab!
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Okay guys, I just can't get over how freaking awesome Okami's soundtrack (along with every other aspect) is.  To prove it, I'm posting here the "overworld theme", or rather the theme to one of several fields which are ALL this joyful and glorious.  Revel!

Shinshuu Plains I & II (It's one piece of music split into 2 tracks.) 8.85 mb

Now imagine it as you're running through here and here with lush foliage sprouting beneath your feet. *_*

I've got some unoriginal but AWESOME fanart planned, but I gotta gather some art supplies first.

Edit: Okay, one more to give you a better idea of how well they use the traditional Japanese music style. This is the battle theme and it is ROCKIN. Too bad you don't notice it during the heat of battle and they only last for like 15 seconds because this game is easy like Wind Waker. Play it loud!

Spirit Extermination 8.19 mb
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Okami is the most beautiful game ever made, hands down.  And it's topped Ocarina of Time as my "best game ever", at least until Twilight Princess comes out (possibly).  But I'm not even past the "prologue" (15 hours in), so no spoilers mmkay?

As for some not-so-beautiful art, here's some renders from my Gnomon homeworks so far.
Intro to Maya assignment: NURBS; model the monitor in front of you.
Intro to Maya assignment: NURBS; model watch from a picture.  We'll texture it next week.
Texturing 1 assignment: make some of these materials from procedurals: wax, rubber, opaque plastic, gold, glossy paint, glass, chrome, clear plastic, metallic paint.  I made all of them, some more successful than others.  The environment is ugly but it's just to see if everything reflects/refracts properly.
Texturing 1 assignment: texture a polygon mallet.  But I made it into a mallethead shark :)  Hand-painted textures just to see if I can.

Will have more in 1 or 2 weeks, including Okami-inspired brush marker practice!


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