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Jan. 6th, 2014 04:12 pm
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I did a free commission for my cousin & his fiance. :>

It was surprisingly easy, so I'm thinking of doing more of these for fun and profit. Anyone interested in being my guinea pigs I mean portfolio samples? You get a big discount depending on how close of a friend you are ;)

Rules: )

This is all very experimental so I wanted to see how smoothly the process goes before I advertise more publicly. Lemme know if you are at all interested, even if you want to negotiate about the details :>
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Placing the blame on [ profile] ling84 and [ profile] loobywibble, I made my own Zelda cake toppers for my wedding. I kind of wanted to keep it a surprise, so I hadn't posted any progress shots previously. Today I put the final finishing touches as best as I can, so it's finally time to show it! )

Well, I still have a good amount of clay and wire left. Maybe I'll do this again someday... but definitely bigger.
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Wow, long time. I have quite a few past-due journal entries to write/post, but I set myself a deadline for this one and barely made it so here it is, first.

10. Wheel of Fortune (final) )
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As some of you know, I took a week-long bus tour around Grand Circle during Christmas time - Monument Valley, Bryce Canyon, Zion, all that good stuff. My camera couldn't do those places enough justice because 1) it's an 18X SUPERZOOM which means it's no good for wide-angle landscape shots, and 2) Panasonic's weak with reds and out there... it's ALL RED.

So I captured the scenery the best way I could. )
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I'm glad I let this one sit for a bit because I finally saw what I needed was some cool color in the highlights. Although I didn't really succeed that much. Oh well, moving on.

Jupiter - done )
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This hung around unfinished for longer than necessary. I am just not enthused about drawing horse-men, it seems. Even if they're supposed to be ~*dreamy*~*. (Even though I think centaurs are more interesting if there are more hybridized/animalistic features rather than stacking a bishie guy on top of a bishie horse.)

09. The Hermit (final) )
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Yup, time to switch gears a bit. I don't want to go on to Jupiter just yet after this, anyway.

Mars - done )
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Could use more work, but I've done everything I wanted to do so time to move on.

gg next round )

Enjoy your weekend, all.
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You guys didn't say anything. :P I'm pretty sure I'll do more of these, but probably interspersed with stuff I should be doing.

Screw hands. )

Looks like I am not really capable of "tightening up" a painting. Oh well, it's... style...!
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I start my new job tomorrow so I better get this done!

08. Strength (final) )
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Not much to say because I've gone cross-eyed from tweaking this thing's special effects. ENOUGH.

07. The Chariot )
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This card started out uncooperative and fighting me at every step, but now (after making a bunch of changes) I think it's become one of the best so far. I've spent some time studying on art forums and blogs, can you tell?

Now if I could put that knowledge to use on something other than fanart...

06. The Lovers )
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Fun fact: out of my past 12 paintings, 7 have featured wings. This is FAR TOO MUCH seeing how I suck at drawing wings.

Girl, you're sitting on my reins )
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My laptop is crying out in pain at working with a 10000px wide 236mb PSD file! (And it would've been bigger too if SAI didn't have the 10000x10000px file limit.) Well quit yer whinin', computer, we're done with this! )

Next challenge: printing this out properly for Fanime. Anticipating more pain~
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Architecture, more like ARRRRGHitecture. The pain!

05. The Hierophant (final) )

(What the hell kind of a color scheme is this? After a storm, I guess?...)
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I need this muse. (Warning: NSFW for boob; rest of site is much more NSFW. But a damned good comic.)

So if you ever get a still life assignment of apples and stuff and think "Ugh, when is this ever going to come in handy", well, here's your answer. )
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04. The Emperor (final) )

Now I've got a couple of pics to get done for February... :P
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A bit overdue.

03. The Empress (final) )

Wanna go home and play Rock Band...
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Well this one took no time at all BECAUSE I DIDN'T HAVE TO DRAW HANDS.

02. The High Priestess (final) )
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So I should post Halloween pics, but instead I'm celebrating my freedom from costume-making to finally paint to my heart's content. The photos will come later.

01. The Magician (final) )


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