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I went with Kevin to his figure painting class today :)

Contains painted boobs. )
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"Conte crayon" this week, I worked out a better method, as you can see.

1 minute: 1

2 minutes: 1

5 minutes: 1 | 2

10 minutes: 1 | 2 | 3

20 minutes: 1
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Biweekly sessions of figure drawing at work means that I get to take my new tablet PC out for a spin for realz! This model was really great but I sure wish he did some longer poses.

1 minute: Good poses make for good sketches.

5 minutes: 1 | 2

The 10-minute ones didn't turn out so good. Maybe next time.


May. 16th, 2008 10:20 pm
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Went to see Bodyworlds at the California Scence Center today. Why is this extra credit for Kevin's biology class but not for my courses?

Funny thing: I actually had to get a "sketch pass" which involved filling out a powerless form and getting a pink sticker with today's date handwritten on it TO BRING YOU THIS. )

Highly recommend to all who gets a chance to see.
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I got into Academy of Art~!  I need to get into Gnomon a lot more, but this is 1) confidence-boosting and 2) backup.  Gnomon interview tomorrow!

As per the occasion, I bear a lot of (old) promised art.  Mostly not that interesting, though.

Figure drawing Week 4, Round 3 )

Figure drawing Week 5, Round 3 )

Figure drawing Week 6, Round 3 )

nekkid old man )
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This is really stupid but I feel like the model this week has a physique like the actor playing Pyramid Head.  Especially drawing the arms kept making me think of that, and on a related note I need to focus less on arms and more on other things like heads and torsos.  At any rate his body is awesome for muscle structure but the man needs to eat more. =P

1 minute: Oddly my first sketch usually has the best linework. | wibbly wobbly | Best of the fast sketches. | 4 | Oh god what is going on here | 6 | At this point I realized I can't do this guy justice with a pen. | This one's actually pretty graceful.  Da Vinci here I come!

5 minutes: His face is not that girly I swear | Okay I guess.

10 minutes: 1 | Don't like the shading on the torso, though the limbs are good. | Nice perspective on the arm and hand.

15 minutes: Finally I captured his face properly!

20 minutes: That didn't work very well.  I like the whole painting thing but I need a lot more time to refine.

Bonus: Speaking of ol' P-Head, here's a little portrait sketch.  The good thing about drawing Silent Hill is that it doesn't have to be exactly anatomically accurate ;) ;)

Also bonus: And a random doodle with no reference.  Was trying to go for Asian look, sort of succeeded.
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I'm definitely improving on figure drawing this quarter!

1 minute: Wow, I'm actually fitting feet in! | Err, this is actually a decent depiction if you can sort through that mess | 3 | 4 | Surprisingly good proportions, hooray! | Nice sense of arm, somehow =D | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

5 minutes: For some reason I just don't do as well in regular pencil. | I give this a solid meh.

10 minutes: Jagged lines | This is pretty good. | Talk to the hand! Not much details but good depth.

15 minutes: I like the cloth but not enough definition on the body. | Agh, freakish arms

20 minutes: Watercolor, ha! And it's the return of the feather and silver scarf =)

Can't wait to see Silent Hill on Saturday!  Expect possible fangirling despite the fact that I've only played like 10 minutes of SH2 and watched a video walkthrough of SH1.
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Okay, so much belated because I was crushed under programming.  Let's hear it for compiler construction! X_X

This model was so awesome - he's a taiko player, and many of his poses for us were him playing short melodies on his Japanese flutes.  It was so zen and inspiring - I wish I had had brush and ink to paint him properly.  But I had to do what I could with the pens I had.

~1 minute: 1 | Best, I think. | 3 | This is decent too. | Yokofue, or "horizontal flute" | A short lecture on bamboo. =P | Bell things.  Not easy to get right. =\ | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | Err, too much time on the flute | 13

5 minutes: Hi, skewed proportions! | Er, I guess that should be 五分間のよこふえ

15 minutes: Nothing special, but nice. | I like this except for the running out of room part

25 minutes: Pretty lousy for 25 minutes, yo.  At least the hand is decent.

* Not that I'm any good at Chinese brush painting, mind you.
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It's the model with the tattoo again =)

1 minute: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

5 minutes: Better than | this one

10 minutes: Oh shi-- | Oh whew.  That's better | YES!  Eat that nasty perspective!

15 minutes: Quite nice. | Head too big?

25 minutes: Aww, if it weren't for that foreshortened hand...
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Curious George is cute!  It's obviously very much a kids' movie but it's fun for some laughs as long as you're willing to turn off your brain about the plot. =)

It seems that at least once a quarter a model doesn't show up =P So we drew each other again.

Man what. Try to pretend it's a caricature | 10 minutes is not long enough for color. | Actually not entirely disasterous | 4 | 5
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Yesterday Kevin took me to Gnomon for a tour/interview and it went AWESOME!  I was so paranoid that I'll never get in because they accept like 24 students a year, but the director lady said my portfolio looks solid (and it's not even final yet!) and I really think I'll make it in come fall quarter and they have such awesome computer labs and student lounges and I'd be learning 3D from industry professionals and get a job right out of school oh yeah!

So maybe that's why I was in such a good groove today.

1 minute: Surprisingly good for a warm up first. | Whoops, disastrous here. | Not bad | 4 | 5 | Woah, what's happening? | 7 | 8 | 9 | Good balance. (the drawing, not the pose)

5 minutes: Pencil was eh today. | Make that "bleh" not "eh"

10 minutes: Too many horizontal poses today >P | Best!  Sorry about the face.  But the flow is great.

15 minutes: Torso way too short. | What's with that hip | Success!

20 minutes: Doesn't look like 20 minutes worth of work (because I messed up and restarted), but still decent.
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I'm taking figure drawing classes again this quarter!  Don't expect there'll be anything new (...even the models...) but hell, $25 for 8 weeks of practice is a damn good deal.  Sadly, I don't seem to have gotten any better compared to what, two years ago? >:(

1 minute: Looks like pencil is even less productive than charcoal. I just wanted to study detailed anatomy, dammit! =( | Well okay, this one's not that bad. | 3 | 4 | Really must learn to stop retracing my lines. | 6 | Help I'm deflating! | 8 | 9 | 10

5 minutes: Oh that's crap. | So I should stop trying to refine lines?  Is that it?

10 minutes: Tiny hand! | This one's kinda okay. | Uhm, shoulder problems?

15 minutes: The session was salvaged only by my magical pencil of blue! | ...sort of.  I guess.

25 minutes: Doesn't really look much better than 15 minutes.  Goddamn.

Speaking of which, I need to re-evaluate my figure drawings for the portfolio.  I look back and think "Why did/didn't I put in this crap/goodness?"
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Well, winter break time's over and I didn't get done basically any of the projects I set aside to do "over winter break" (Sorry [ profile] ctrl_a, I'm afraid that FF logo is too complicated and scary for me.) but at least I didn't completely waste my time sitting on my ass! )

Week 8

Jun. 6th, 2004 11:04 pm
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Whee, a male model! A really... LARGE... male model... You can see me looking uuuppp in the perspectives of the first pics ^^;

1 minute: Hm, good flow. | 2 | I'm huge! | 4 | 5 | Look out! Ass shot!

5 minutes: 1 | 2

10 minutes: Another partly-no-glasses. Nice | Decent face. But I was freaked because at first I made him look like a white guy ^^;;

15 minutes: Wish I had more time for this one. Focus on the top half please | Damn, looks a bit smudged. | Interesting muscular structure. | Hey, if I had to sit there for so long, I'd have brought a book too =P

And that's the end! I think I'll take the course again in the fall, and use pencils. Charcoals helped a lot with doing overall forms and fast, but now I want to tighten up and learn some details.

Week 7

May. 29th, 2004 08:29 pm
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Oh wow, the model this week flowed like water. She must be a magnificent dancer. Drawings kinda so-so due to fatigue from schoolwork, but there were a few gems. Let's see here...

1 minute: 1 | 2 | Yoga fire! ...ja nakute... | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | Faces were good this week.

5 minutes: 1 | 2

10 minutes: Pwetty colors! | Head too big. =(

15 minutes: The gem. Half-done without glasses to improve contrast and shading. | 2 | Trying a bit o' that charcoal pencil. Doesn't help much

Week 6

May. 22nd, 2004 06:29 pm
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Damn... the new sketchpad has thin paper, so the drawings show through unless I put white papers underneath when I'm taking the pictures. Pain in the butt. Anyways...

This week was really good, even though the teacher was upset that I didn't use color. =P Maybe I'll do a few blue and green people next week just to use up my pastels a bit more equally.

We need more male models...

1 minute: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | nice flow. | nice structure. | breasts are clearly my weak point. | 8 | agh headless foreshortening! | wtf?? | 11

5 minutes: oo, a good start. | 2

10 minutes: like. | like. | agh, horizontal poses kill me.

15 minutes: the model had a tattoo! this pose was perfect for it =) | damn, resorting back to my lame anime-ish faces and hands.

20 minutes: eh... getting tired.

Bonus: The same picture from last time! Getting closed to finished, I just need to gather up the patience to finish all those spears. Then the background. (149Kb. Sorry so big!)

Week 5

May. 15th, 2004 07:59 pm
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I was tired this week, so the drawings aren't as energetic, though towards the end they got kinda carefully decent.

1 minute: 1 | 2 | getting more warmed up. | 4 | 5 | this one's not bad either. | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

5 minutes: 1 | 2

10 minutes: colors! Waist bad. | unnatural colors are easier to do than | matching skin tone.

15 minutes: at this point I realized I'm in this class because I need to study anatomy, not match skin tones.

20 minutes: so back to charcoal!

I need to buy more paper next week...

Week 4

May. 9th, 2004 01:17 am
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Figure drawing was tough this week - the model made really hard poses with lots of foreshortening, but more than that I'm not familiar enough with drawing the male body, I would guess. Once I started into color it got better though, because his skin tone matched my pastels better than the female models =)

1 minute: 1 | 2 | @#*$! | 4 | This one's okay. | 6 | 7 | Where's mah head!? | 9 | Umm... what?

5 minutes: 1 | 2

10 minutes: Ooo, this one's nice | Ack the arm! ^^; | Agony! Not =P

15 minutes: 1 | Oops, lame hand.

30 minutes: Best. Because I had 30 minutes, dammit.

Still gonna accuse me of crotch ass shots, Erich? =P


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