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Heeey I used to "be" a "writer" once upon a time. Somehow (as in, about 10 agonizing words at a time), this got done. Not that I think anyone here is following this story, but at least you can look for typos for me, if you want.

Chapter 7 )

A while ago I was doodling and ended up with a scene from this story, years and a bazillion chapters from now. I didn't deem it important enough to post, but since I'm on the subject and since I've been so pathetically sparse with art, you can take a look if you want.
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Whoops, I couldn't resist and did another [ profile] 1sentence set... This one's strictly a sketch of Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask and beyond, in chronological order.

Time will tell )
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24 hours till this goes live on Get your critiques in now or never. ;P

Chapter 6 )

Gawd, 3200 words. I hope this has been enough to get all the writing out of my system for a while because I really need to work on... other things. Like work. >_> Then again it might just mean I have to write out the next chapter sooner so that it can explain this one. ::die::
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All's fair in love and war, and chess is a little of both. A character study on black and white squares.

En Passant )
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50 topics from the [ profile] 1sentence community. Even when starting a brand new slate, a little piece of destiny always tags along. Link/Zelda across all lifetimes and worlds.

New Game Plus )
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Some bits of this may not make as much sense as it should, so it's up to you guys to call them out or they will never get fixed. EVER.

Chapter 5 )
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Oh look, something I haven't made progress on for like five four years. At least this time I managed to get a section finished! Critique on writing technique before this gets posted to is always good although you guys hardly ever do it. :P

Chapter 4: The part you've seen before )

The part you haven't )

The next chapter is almost done too but it has a bit more work to go. Which hopefully means it'll be ready in like two weeks and not two years. ._.
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Man, you know what?  Scrap that crap.  Here's the new and improved(??) chapter 4.  The setup, anyway. )

More at some later time when it's not 4am.  It's a good thing I already had part of The Chapter Formerly Known As 5 written...
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A commission that I actually might finish this time!  ...if Painter doesn't collapse from the massive RAM-age.
Closeup to the EXTREEEEME
I'm trying to learn from Anry, does it show?

Due to popular request, the first half of chapter 4 just to show that it ain't dead )
Argh, this chapter is boring.  No wonder it's not getting done.

Tomorrow I'll be hopping on the train to Shanghai!  A couple days after that I'll be on a plane back home!  Looking forward to life without mosquitos and squatting toilets! ^^;;
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The following review has been submitted to: Destiny's Opus: Overture Chapter: 3

And here we have yet another author that doesn't believe in keeping the supply up for demand created.

Even worse, the author promised to update after their finals, and well that was three months ago, so that means that they had at least two months free time.  What happend?

Since there are several people here that are already members of the database, how about someone send the author an email?  To motivate them, or... something.

My goodness, it's not even like I've got such an omg edge-of-your-seat plotline going on, what's with this impatience? XP  I'm goin', I'm goin'.

But first, something else I've promised:

Lots O' Pics, part 1 )
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You know you've played too much Pokemon Puzzle League when your eyes try to shift around the words on a page so they'll fall and connect in rows of three. And I suck at the game, too. Combos are okay but I'm hopeless at chains. At least I don't suck as bad as I did at Kirby's Avalanche/Puyo Pop though. Or maybe Pokemon's AI is just kinder to the kiddies. ^^;;;

Split Infinitive reviewed my fic!? He favoritededed it even? Unreal! It's like getting complimented by Anry on my art or by PikminLink on my costume or somethin'! I guess I'd better, y'know, work on it now ^^;;;;

(Yeah, shut up. I have straaange hero worship.)

Edit: And a rec?? (very bottom) I'm scared...
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The best cure to writer's block: leave it the hell alone for a long time, and then work on it when you're absolutely NOT supposed to be. Yuuup.

Chapter three )
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So, being as anal detail-oriented as I am, there are a few things I've found that authors (even good ones) often forget in Zelda fanfiction, and they bug the hell out of me when I notice. These aren't even specific knowledge things like horse behavior or swordfighting technique, but logic that should be easy to see if the writer thought a bit deeper about the world they're working in. For future reference, I wish people would take into account the following things:

LJ-Cut to spare you non-fans. )
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In case you missed it (or didn't care), chapter one (now slightly revised) was here.

A short-ish transitory chapter two )
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Beta-reading time...!

Only the first chapter? This is gonna take forever, ya lazy bum )

Any and all comments welcome, no matter how inane or nitpicky, but preferably constructive and/or editorial and/or analytical. This is not the "official" publishing so I'm looking for necessary changes.
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Long have I sought for an appropriate song to be the header to Teh Ficcage. And while I'm sure plenty exist, I couldn't find one in my (relatively limited) music collection that both had the appropriate sentimental-gentle-hopeful feel, and summed up the story as well as Yubiwa did for "Finale".

Then, flitting about, I found it. What better pick to illustrate a "Destiny's Opus" than FF9's Melodies of Life?

(Still not entirely happy with that title... me at my cheesiest. But we shall see.)

True, the song doesn't quite describe the happy ending my stories inevitably have. But the English version is optimistic enough that I think it'll work all right. Now I just need to PLAY that game... ^^;;

Random: Speaking of appropriate lyrics, doesn't this song just demand a Majora's Mask music video? I'd sure do it if I did AMVs.


Jul. 7th, 2004 01:15 am
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Geez, FF8 is so complimacated with all this junction schtuff. (Don't even talk to me about the latter FFs. XP)

Anyways, I've got some questions/ponderings here regarding the ever-lasting fic. If you can answer, or even just have any thoughts on, any of these thingies I'm wondering about, there will be much gratitude for you.

For the seamstresses: )

For the outdoorsy types: )

For the writers: )

For the musicians: )
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You're a Fluff writer!

What kind of writer are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Teehee. No doubt, but is there really nothing more enjoyable than good fluff? Don't think I've yet seen a fluff of the quality that rivals the best epic-sized stories I've read. If you have, please point me. =P

Of course, most of the time I'm no writer at all. But I have been making little bits of progress lately! ::eyes txt files in the corner of My Documents::
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Got a fic review today:

From: anon()

It rocks hard.

Well, that was insightful.
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I guess it is rather amazing how, when I flip back and forth through my progressive drawings, how much I was able to improve upon the characters' appearances and how (relatively) terrible the previous pic looked, even though at the time it was taken I thought it was the best I could do and even though I thought I haven't done much work at all between "snapshots." ::breeeaaathe::

So here's a thought. What if was split into two sections/categories? )


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