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Hi, just wanted to inform you all about the best shiny ever.

Found him on day 2 while hunting for a female Eevee. Now he punches things really hard and flies me everywhere *A*

(And this gen I can even fix his bad ability to make him punch things even more harder! *A*)

(BTW, I know I'm only talking to like 3 people on this journal nowadays but if you're pokemonning, tell me your friend code here.)
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Went to Yosemite last week (escaped just before it got govt-shutdowned) and I took my sweet new 3DS XL with me, Art Academy in tow. It's a good program for making relatively-quick live sketches! (I also bought Colors 3D which is more Photoshop-like in its versatility, but I didn't try it out because I felt it would've taken longer to get going. Will have to give it a go next time.)

These all look worse on the computer screen than they did on the 3DS... )
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The Sony conference was mostly completely uninteresting. Instead of attempting to snark on it, here come more Nintendo goodies. )

(I know some of you already have these courtesy of other sites but at least I sat on for like 5 hours for you I'm doing it out of tradition. :P)

Kirby this fall, Epic Mickey and Donkey Kong Country this holiday season, plus 3DS might be out then too... I'm starting to thank Nintendo for delaying Zelda because MY WALLET and spare time HERTZ.
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Got my Youtube stream, got my cup of tea, got Notepad open for snarking/rambling/SQUEEING. LET'S DO THIS THING.

Nintendo connnnnnference )

Holy cow, Nintendo completely blew it out of the water this year, even with me expecting great things just from Zelda and 3DS alone. :D~~~~~ I can't wait to link you guys to the trailers for all these games; this post will be updated when they're up. Trailers up! Most of them are from the conference footage, I'll covertly swap them with direct-feed videos as they come in. Nintendo was nice enough to provide convenient links to everything!
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HAHAHA I randomly caught Pokerus AGAIN. That makes for the third time, between original Gold version, Leaf Green (which is still preserved across several games), now Heart Gold. And I haven't even gotten the 8th badge yet. And I don't even plan to do much hardcore breeding/training in this game. XP

Edit: Oh yeah, I think I caught it again naturally in Diamond too, but I had already transferred over some infected dudes from Leaf Green so I wasn't paying attention. How rare was this thing supposed to be again? XP
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Pokemon Heart Gold is coming in the mail! I was totally not going to buy it, but then I came up with a themed team that I just have to play through the game with. And isn't that always the way it is with me and Pokemon. )

Can't wait for all the further wacky teams I'll be able to make come Gen-5 later this year. :P

(What happens if your daemon's true form is a fish? What happens when you choose to have your Wailord follow you around? o.o)
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Work's been pretty easy-going lately, which means that I've had time to revisit my own projects (personal laptop at work = best thing evar). Namely, I finally have the time I never could spare to compile all the notes I needed for the HP tarot. This nourished some thoughts into old obsessions, so, useless braindump time! )

I hope to be posting some thumbnail/concept sketches before too long. Would be nice to get some discussion on those, but that might be too much to hope for. XP
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Ahhhh!  The new pokeymans are out!  Tons of new evolutions/pre-evos for things that used to suck! Fighting/Psychic alternate evo for Kirlia what the hell! Grass and ice Eeveelutions!  Squeeee!

Ahhhhhh my shiny Magneton will get an evolution to make it even more shiny and kickass!  I knew I was right to hold off on training it until I saw what D/P had in store!

(Also, hell yeah on the fire starter becoming Monkey King.)

Edit: Also also, LOL at Nosepass's new Groucho Marx glasses.

Edit edit:
Heh, I had an old gimmick team from Gold/Silver gen that had a crappy lineup but god it fit my theme so well.
- Jynx (Kaolinite)
- Magcargo (Eudial)
- Togetic (Mimete)
- Tangela (Tellu)
- Porygon2 (Viluy)
- Girafarig (Cyphrine)
Now three of them are getting evolutions! Witches 5 revival!

...or maybe I should just reassign them now that there are so many other choices these days
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I knew it. XD

But uh... my sweet Candy Pink DS Phattie, it has been good to me.  Guess I'll consider it only if I can get a good dealhome for it.  And then comes the Wii oh god

Art next entry.  I say this so I will actually be motivated to post it.
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Unspeakable levels of VG dorkitude )
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1160 2520 1964

Comment with your friend co... ah hell, it's not like I'm gonna get online until I get back home and maybe leech off the neighbor's wireless network. Or something.

I was going to post about this back when it actually happened, but I guess I deemed it not really all that noteworthy. So you remember how I took a computer graphics class last year. Not much artistic about the course, it was mostly on codes and algorithms and methods for graphics. So one day the professor is lecturing about interpolation for 3D curves and surfaces and he briefly mentions the different kinds of software for CG modeling, such as Maya. Someone randomly raises a hand.

Random guy: "What is Dreamweaver?"
Me: ...

The professor explains that it's a web layout program that's not really all that related to computer graphics.

Random guy: "So it's like Shockwave?"

That was not a bright day.
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038714 335752

Comment with your friend code if you wanna add!
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VG dorkiness! )
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Aaa my DS+Ouendan+Band Brothers has been shipped!  Expected delivery date is "within 2 business days"!  (What?  My free shipping option said like, expect 7-9 days XO)

That is all.
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Toooo in love with Daigasso! Band Brothers. Don't think I can wait till Christmas for DS anymore... ^^;;

(Check out that Zelda medley. And Kirari*Sailor Dream! Ain't gonna get that in the American version.)

Plus, one cartridge + friends w/ DS's = TEH SEX

Okay, okay, calm. The pink DS (which is the one I want) isn't even out in Japan yet, and I can probably snatch Band Brothers liek cheap! without having to import when I go to China this summer ^____^ So yeah, no point in counting chickens now. grades are going to die so bad next year

Edit: (What's with this Japanese penchant for Dai____! _____ Brothers titles anyway?)


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