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Gotta work fast. )

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I've had a day to recover and now it's time to write my ...writeup!

Biggest success: All six of my prints sold! Some of them even got bidded up beyond the initial price! All together they summed to $540 - not really that much when you deduct costs and time consumed considering I am a WORKING PROFESSIONAL, but I'm just glad to have made a profit (and not have to take any of them home) at all :)

Biggest regret: I had no idea that there were organized photoshoot meetups for specific series at con now, so I had no room in my schedule to make it to the Avatar group shoot (or the Smash Bros or Legend of Zelda shoots (Edit: especially since this happened), for that matter). [ profile] ctrl_a got pics of it which I shall be awaiting, but I really wish I could've been there. NEXT TIME!

Biggest triumph: My crazily rushed waterskin held together completely reliably, and was a super handy stuff-carrying bag to boot! Overall my entire costume (even hair loopies) stayed intact over 12+ hours better than any cosplay I've ever done. It probably helps that it was the most normal and sensible "fashion" out of all my previous options... :P

Biggest ...socialization... accomplishment: I never really cared about the 3DS Streetpass feature (especially since it's not even really my 3DS, but Kevin's), but I knew that it would be now or never to use it. After 1.5 days at con it went from 0 to over 100 Streetpass hits and all puzzle pieces completed. I still don't care about it, but it'll never see that kind of traffic again! ...Until next con.

And of course, the photos are what you're here to see. There were a LOT of cosplayers this year, and a LOT of them were great quality. Instead of taking pictures of every decent costume like I used to do, this time I just threw my hands up and got only pictures of costumes that particularly tickled my fancy. (As you might expect, most of them were video game-related.)

Da pics )

Next up, E3 in 6 days...!
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T-1 days! )

Okay... okay. Time to not die and have a bite to eat.
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As promised. Bonus kitteh included.

Tearin' it up )

I shoulda taken more pictures. Next time I wear this costume I'll go to a con and actually bother to do a photoshoot in daylight and maybe even with a vaguely-suitable background.
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'Tis the season to be sewing, fa la la la la la la la la. )

It was painful to browse in the fabric store and having to pass up the luxurious Chinese-style embroidered silks and even the shiny costume satins to look for something fitting a peasant's clothes. (At least it was cheap!) Next cosplay I'm picking someone with a fancier wardrobe. XP


Apr. 20th, 2010 08:15 am
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GUYS SHOULD I GO TO FANIME THIS YEAR. I just decided on a cosplay that I could get done in time if I start NOW but not if I don't start NOW. ARE YOU GUYS GOING.
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Con was more fun than might be expected, considering I attended no panels nor anime screenings and sold practically no prints. =P Though did sell two framed posters for $50 each. Will definitely have to get own (or shared with few close friends) table next year time. But now for the more interesting part: da pics! )

Anyone (::cough[ profile] ctrl_a::), feel free to link to this entry for laziness. I've bandwidth out the wazoo to spare.

...Oh yeah

Nov. 20th, 2004 12:10 am
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So I was just reminded that I needed to post some Halloween photos. ^^;;

Look what a great big cosplaying anime club we have!

Contemplating odangos

Jazz hands, was it?

And my younger half. Kekekeke

(There's still some missing details/components I need to finish, but I've got till whenever the next con is...)


Oct. 21st, 2004 02:23 pm
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Haa~ It's impossible to not feel cheered on such a beautiful day, when the sky is glassy blue and the air is rain-washed and crystal crisp, and the sunlight coloring everything pale gold. Looks like it might not rain for anime club's picnic Saturday after all...

Here's my room's temporary new decor for the holiday spirit =) The orc calendar page is a happy coincidence.

Costume progress: bandages, drape (the blue is not quite that light, it's just the photo), and half a side embroidered. I am now just afraid I will be obliged to hump pose with a mailbox for certain unnamed peoples here...

(I wish I didn't have to take pictures through the window panes...)
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Here's those cosplay progress photos. I've still got some fair amount of work to do, but it's looking pretty good, at any rate =)

Hey! Listen! Styrofoam ball painted with glitter paint, and tracing-paper wings. ;)
With the flash on, for extra shiny effect!
It's a bit droopy, buuuuut we'll manage... eventually...
Now for my stuff. I did use paint and it did stiffen like you guys said it would, but it's not entirely disasterous and while the painted parts are not quite as form-fitting as I'd like, well, it doesn't look too bad.
The drape thingy. I'm gonna paint this tonight. It looks quite good when worn and is currently my favorite component =)

I'm also working on the wrist and head bandages, which are functional but not fully complete yet. I'll post more photos 'round Halloween time; I've got a whole 'nother month...
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All right, home-going time is gradually coming up and I'm really needing to get planning on this, because if I don't get it done in those three weeks, I'll be spending another Halloween costume-less. If need be, I'll go make my inquiries on cosplay forums, but I figured I might as well toss the questions out here first and see what I can get from you folks.

So I've selected Sheik as my next cosplay. On the off chance you're on my friends list and still don't know who that is =P (or forgot what the costume looks like), here's a few pics. Since I bear pathetically little resemblance to most anime (and game) characters, a costume that covers 3/4 of my face should work just fine. XP Plus if I bring my brother with me to any cons, I can have a little Link in tow <g> So now the questions, because I am way too perfectionist dammit.

1) I have a dark blue gymnastics leotard that I think would work perfectly for the top. The question is, if I were to cut it at the waist, would the remaining fabric still behave with the right elasticity? Even though I've never worn it and likely will never need to for any other reason, I don't want to ruin a perfectly good leotard for nothing.

* 1a) If I do cut the fabric safely, is there any way to get the spandex(?) to look appropriately frayed? Just bust out the scissors and pull out some threads?

2) I plan to use fabric paint, which I've never tried before, for the many costume markings. Obviously it would work for the drapery thing, but would it look okay for the blue/white parts on the suit? Not too cheap or anything? (Actually, I'll be using a substance that I can supposedly mix with acrylic paint to make fabric paint. Any experiences with that?)

3) Any suggestions on the hair wrappings? I would like to be able to have something that I can easily put on in one piece, especially since you can't trust my hair to stay put under anything. I'm thinking something that works like a shower cap or wig cap, say, but I'm not really sure how to go about that.

4) A black-haired Sheik should look just fine, right? XP
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Now I really want to make my Sheik costume. =)

Here's progress on the commission. Not particularly looking for critiques seeing how most everything's not been detailed, but if you want to comment on the head or arm, go ahead. ^^;;

Full view

Reworked a bunch of crap. Can I move on to the hair now? ^^;;;

Edit: I know Usagi has no neck. I'll fix that next time I get free time.


Sep. 19th, 2003 05:39 pm
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Leaving for school tomorrow! Before that, though, I leave here a progressive record of the creation of my brother's Halloween props. Hopefully, I'll be getting photos of him in full costume next month =)

Warning: Construction Zone
It's the Chicken Sword! Can it kill Cuccos?
Begin the painting process
If there's one thing a palette knife is good for, it's simulating tree bark.
100% cardboard, I kid you not.
...Well, cardboard and acrylics.
Masking tape, useful stuff
Interior structure of the scabbard. Turns out it's a tight fit, I should've used two layers of cardboard for padding.
Finishing up, all glued and stapled
Ready for adventure!
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Website is updated, particularly with this. Kinda burnt out now, but can't... still have more work to do... ^^;;

The hot weather isn't helping, either. ::droops::

Must not forget to make ears for brother. =D I guess I'll be using something like cereal boxes, though I don't suppose they would be very, hoom, bendy.
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Here 'tis.

The props-making will have to be put onhold till the weekend, when we'll have a bit more time to work with materials. But, I shall perhaps start with the painting of my own costume tomorrow. =)

I don't suppose anyone can tell me if a leotard will retain its shape and stretchiness if I cut it off from the waist down...?


Sep. 3rd, 2003 12:50 am
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Okay, so he beat Link. But now SEPHIROTH is losing to Cloud? ::shakes fist at the pointy-haired usurper::

Uhm... costume stuff going well. I'm almost done with the painting of weaponry, and then just to glue stuff together =) I found this cool stuff in the scrap bin at the fabric store; it's like fake leather or pelt or something. Thick and slightly fuzzy, 100% polyester. Will be good for making boot coverings, hopefully there's enough. Also, I got a bottle of textile medium that'll make acrylic paint suitable for fabric, so I won't have to deal with those tiny bottles of fabric paint. =)

Also, Wild Sphere art turning out pretty nifty-looking. ^^ Will probably have finished picture to show tomorrow, or so.
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Spent much of the day constructing Kokiri Sword and Deku Shield. Will have calluses aplenty. Cardboard is tough stuff to work with, and not even compared to "real" materials like tree bark. How did those perpetual ten-year-olds do it? =P

So tomorrow after cutting out the rest of the pieces, will need to find sandpaper and smooth the edges a bit, then apply two or three coats of gesso as base for paint. I think I'd rather be using oil, but that's expensive and I'm much better off using up the acrylics left over from painting class because I sure don't want to use that stuff for any real artwork. =P Will take pictures when finished, probably in a week or so ^^

Vote for Link!
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My brother wants to be Young Link for Halloween. T'will go quite well with my Sheik costume <g> And we can start working on them together, so I can get help from my mom on the sewing parts. A month is plenty of time... <g>

Wow, Mars is so bright these days I can easily see it outside my (venetian-blinded) window. Without my glasses.


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