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Y'all have to watch the new Advent Children trailer. Especially if you actually have played FF7 before. ^^;
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We watched this series called Beck in anime club today, about some Japanese students who meet a (Japanese) guy who's the guitarist for a popular American rock band. It's the somber, nitty-gritty post-modern type of series that wouldn't usually click with me, except for one thing: the realism. You can see it in the opening and backgrounds: store fronts and brand signs and graffiti that's perfectly rendered, exactly like the streets you'd see everyday in America (in the OP) and Japan (in the episode), not blurry-glossed over or parody brand names or nonsensical Engrish like in most anime.

But the *best* part of the whole episode is when the protagonists run afoul with some burly gaijin thugs, who bellow in virtually perfect American-accented English, "What the f*** are you doin' to my car!?" and continues the tirade with strings of flawless slang and obscenities. And then the rocker guy makes his entrance and tells off the thugs, and his English is also smooth and natural (though a few times he didn't quite make sense...) but he speaks with the slightest hint of a Japanese accent. Perfect for the character, perfect for the setting.

Did I mention there is what appears to be a Frankenstein-made dog? Okay, that's not realistic. That's just weird. =P

Anyway, I'm quite interested in what this series is going to do, but even without that, I'd watch it just for the sheer amount of meticulous effort that's obviously gone into the show. And it's so refreshing to hear non-Engrish in an anime... =D
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Ooo!! (232kb? Geez.)

Woah, woah... another turn I never expected the series to take (so soon). Unless it doesn't, because this was apparently "just" a picture from the Visual Book...

Loveses for Minako's dress, even though I seem to be the only one who likes it. Ami looks weird. Mako and Rei have very nifty styles. But why are they all white? More princess-y, yes, but kinda boring...

Need less contrast! Need more detail...
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PGSM ep 24 = !!!!!!!!!!!!

Next episode is where everything's gonna come together, as per manga. Man, they better not end it before stuff could happen, on a cliffhanger... they probably will. XP

...Dammit!! I won't be able to download the next two eps till I get back from spring breakkkkk~~!! ...Maybe I'll just download the raws at home anyway~~~~
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Sweetass. (PGSM ep 21+ spoilers)

This'll be ripe for fanart, I just know it.

The matter of SM fanart makes me sad, however, because I know my skills are such that I could make something really really ass-kicky now, and I'd love to make such a tribute to my old fandom, but I have so utterly no time to get around to it. Alas, someday.

On the matter of fanart in general, though, that doodle from last night (which turned into a bit more than doodle) is up in the secret gallery. And if you still can't find the secret gallery... well, I guess you'd better IM me.
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I wanted to show something in return to the friend I'm leeching Buffy from, but the only thing I really have are eps of live-action Sailormoon. And the more I think about it, PGSM is really not a show for the unitiated. I mean, sure, its plot stands on its own, and such. But how can one fully appreciate the oddity of Nephrite's new look, and Tuxie's supposed suaveness, and the... something... ness... of taking orders from a talking cat, if one is not familiar with the original anime or manga?

Well, I may give it a try anyway. See how it turns out. <g>

On the other hand, I'm definitely gonna sing "C'est La Vie" at Anime Club karaoke night to torture those already subjected to the cheeziness. Mwahaha.
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Plugged resume and portfolio with EA person. He said he'll pass it on to the art department, of course. Beh, no use anticipating the ... not-expect-able...

I don't think anybody who reads my journal watches Naruto, but I want to preserve this anyway. ^^ )

Math midterm? What math midterm?
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So we start watching "Full Metal Alchemy" in anime club. Like the name says, it's about two kids who do magic-like stuff under the guise of alchemy. Okay, BS premise, but whatever.

Until the fansub starts mentioning the Sorcerer's Stone.

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I just watched a preview trailer for the FFVII: Advent Children movie. I know virtually nothing about FF7, but HOLY DAMN.

Edit: "Holy damn" is quite the oxymoron isn't it. Oh well ^^;;


Sep. 21st, 2003 07:13 pm
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In case you didn't know, the live-action Senshi will have non-anime hair when in civilian form.

OMG Ami-chan looks like me x.o

Edit: Oh yeah, and Luna's a blatant merchandising plug plushie. Right there, see.
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Damn, but she looks awesome.

Hmm, the train of thought runs now to the four Generals, and how ultra-bish-AzNh0th0th0t they will inevitably be...
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Cast for the live-action Inner Senshi.

Well, I think their faces match the characters pretty well =) but can't say anything more until we get to take a better look at stuff further in production. Please please no Seramyu-style costumes...

Oh, it says the characters are all 14 years old, so it looks like they're retelling the story again instead of a continuation series. Not surprising.

Hey, Jupiter (Azama Myuu) has the same birthday as me. ^_~

Edit: Oh wait, here's apparently a picture of the costumed cast. Looks like a heavier manga influence (Venus's chain, Mars's decoration thingy on her waist, Mercury's lack of sleeves etc.), can't go wrong there. =)
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A live-action sixth season of Sailormoon? Oh... dear...
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Just what the hell is the appeal of One Piece? Frankly, it makes me want to hurl.

Still looking for Scrapped Princess ED...


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