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I'm glad I let this one sit for a bit because I finally saw what I needed was some cool color in the highlights. Although I didn't really succeed that much. Oh well, moving on.

Jupiter - done )
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I've never related to Jupiter very well, so I don't quite feel as solid on capturing her personality. For those of you who know & care - how's she look, character-wise?

Jupiter - progress )
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This hung around unfinished for longer than necessary. I am just not enthused about drawing horse-men, it seems. Even if they're supposed to be ~*dreamy*~*. (Even though I think centaurs are more interesting if there are more hybridized/animalistic features rather than stacking a bishie guy on top of a bishie horse.)

09. The Hermit (final) )
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Man, I feel like a pandaing pandering furry artist. Thanks a lot, JKR.

09. The Hermit (values sketch) )
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Yup, time to switch gears a bit. I don't want to go on to Jupiter just yet after this, anyway.

Mars - done )
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I SWEAR I'LL WORK ON A TAROT CARD AFTER THIS ONE. I just gotta balance out the roster first. Plus she's purty.

Mars - in progress )
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Could use more work, but I've done everything I wanted to do so time to move on.

gg next round )

Enjoy your weekend, all.
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I did make a meager effort to start sketching The Hermit (and I do like where it's going), but these portraits are SO much easier and faster and funner. XP

Hold on guys, I'm getting a codec call )

Pretty out of energy (and time) to work more on this tonight.
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You guys didn't say anything. :P I'm pretty sure I'll do more of these, but probably interspersed with stuff I should be doing.

Screw hands. )

Looks like I am not really capable of "tightening up" a painting. Oh well, it's... style...!
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Hey guess what day it is! It's Revisiting Old Fandoms Day!

doo bee doodle )

(I could just cut it off right around here, but I think I'll see how refined I can take it since I've been painting rough for so long. At least, I'll give it another day or so.)
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I start my new job tomorrow so I better get this done!

08. Strength (final) )
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Not much to say because I've gone cross-eyed from tweaking this thing's special effects. ENOUGH.

07. The Chariot )
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This card started out uncooperative and fighting me at every step, but now (after making a bunch of changes) I think it's become one of the best so far. I've spent some time studying on art forums and blogs, can you tell?

Now if I could put that knowledge to use on something other than fanart...

06. The Lovers )
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Two sketches at once! These two cards aren't strictly related (or even necessarily neighbors) in the usual tarot deck, but in this deck I feel like they're complementary opposites, so wanted to do them together.

07. The Chariot + 08. Strength (values sketch) )

Using a more concept art (read: painterly) style to develop these because they're more about the feeling of the scene than the lines of the subject... if that makes any sense to you guys. I may keep working in this method for future sketches, but it will most likely depend on the card.
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The last version of this sketch was pretty lazy because I wanted to put it out for some feedback from you guys. Y'all didn't help :P I'm sticking with this Ginny because more and more it really fits my feel for her.

Anyways, I developed the sketch more and I think it is much more suitable a "working sketch" now.

06. The Lovers (values sketch) )
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I had a lot of trouble trying to nail down the sketch for this one. (Seriously you don't want to see the previous attempts.) Turns out that I needed to just zoom in and draw a face, instead of working the overall composition as a whole as is generally good practice. I suppose that's to be expected with an emotional-centric piece...

06. The Lovers (prelim sketch) )

I don't ship it, myself, buuuut I suppose this warrants the "rampant shipping" tag in of itself. :P
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Fun fact: out of my past 12 paintings, 7 have featured wings. This is FAR TOO MUCH seeing how I suck at drawing wings.

Girl, you're sitting on my reins )
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So I lied when I said I was going to work on some other stuff before that. NOBODY IS SURPRISED.

Actually worked on the background first for once! )

This shouldn't take much longer (I don't want it to take much longer), depending on how much time I spare the next some days.
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I had intended to hold off on Skyward Sword fanart until the game's out... but it was a futile effort. This will be completed later because I have some other things to work on first, but, you know. Had to get it out. )

(For those of you not in the loop but still care for some reason :P, see this and this for context.)


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