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2014-05-05 01:07 am

Incremental success

What, me draw fanart without putting shipping in? OHOHO YOU KNOW THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE

Dynamism! Dutch angles! Perspecti--uh-oh. )

Help how do I learn to put eyes properly on a face without relying on complete accident ._.
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2014-04-23 03:05 am
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Default subject.

God it's been a BAZILLION YEARS since I've art. Doodled a bit to get back in the groove, feels like it's promising enough to keep going.

Nothing original here )

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2014-01-06 04:12 pm
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Selling out

I did a free commission for my cousin & his fiance. :>

It was surprisingly easy, so I'm thinking of doing more of these for fun and profit. Anyone interested in being my guinea pigs I mean portfolio samples? You get a big discount depending on how close of a friend you are ;)

Rules: )

This is all very experimental so I wanted to see how smoothly the process goes before I advertise more publicly. Lemme know if you are at all interested, even if you want to negotiate about the details :>
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2013-10-15 01:04 pm
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(no subject)

Hi, just wanted to inform you all about the best shiny ever.

Found him on day 2 while hunting for a female Eevee. Now he punches things really hard and flies me everywhere *A*

(And this gen I can even fix his bad ability to make him punch things even more harder! *A*)

(BTW, I know I'm only talking to like 3 people on this journal nowadays but if you're pokemonning, tell me your friend code here.)
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2013-10-07 10:06 pm
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As close as I get to plein-air painting

Went to Yosemite last week (escaped just before it got govt-shutdowned) and I took my sweet new 3DS XL with me, Art Academy in tow. It's a good program for making relatively-quick live sketches! (I also bought Colors 3D which is more Photoshop-like in its versatility, but I didn't try it out because I felt it would've taken longer to get going. Will have to give it a go next time.)

These all look worse on the computer screen than they did on the 3DS... )
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2013-08-21 11:14 am
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I lied; there may be more.

And here's that other one I mentioned.

Dodongo dislikes smoke. )

It's kind of fun how this tool makes me more spontaneous. Usually I don't start a painting until I have an idea in mind, but I've found that approaching the Wii U with something like intent doesn't work out due to my terrible layout skills, and instead it's much better to just pick a paper and start doodling.
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2013-08-20 02:19 pm
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Art Academy: Sketchpad

Got this thing on Wii U. It's no Photoshop or Painter or even SAI, buuuut can't help showing off on Miiverse having fun.

Pastels all the way. )

I've got one more pic I'm working on, then I should... probably go work in a more productive medium until they come out with oil paints for this thing.
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2013-04-21 12:44 am
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Today was Earth Day at the local botanical garden, which means it was free. We already have memberships so it would've been free anyway, but it was a good excuse to go out there which we don't do enough of. The last time we went there it was winter, so it was a lot more lively now :)

Big pics, but it's worth it. )
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2013-03-10 02:48 pm
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Must... stop... playing iPhone games...

Gotta step it up oh god. I finished these faces, but not full bodies (or even hair) yet except for Venus. These are at 75% zoom and they won't look as purty at display size :X

Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter )

Days until Fanime: 75 (AAAAAGH.)
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2013-02-12 02:09 pm
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Yeah, I'll play this gen.

So, this new Eeveelution:

I'm just sayin'
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2013-01-23 12:20 am
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Is this how the animators do it?

So I opened up Maya for the first time in over a year because I can't draw geometric shapes or perspective. Totally forgot how to accomplish anything, but at least my fingers still instinctively remembered how to move the camera and the move/rotate/resize tools!
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2012-12-27 02:30 am
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HP Tarot card progress - Justice

Barging on ahead. Hopefully this looks sufficiently 1) like Neville, 2) like a Justice card and not King of Swords or something.

11. Justice (values sketch) )
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2012-12-22 03:09 am
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2012-12-03 02:27 am

Next up in the series of past-due-posts:

Placing the blame on [ profile] ling84 and [ profile] loobywibble, I made my own Zelda cake toppers for my wedding. I kind of wanted to keep it a surprise, so I hadn't posted any progress shots previously. Today I put the final finishing touches as best as I can, so it's finally time to show it! )

Well, I still have a good amount of clay and wire left. Maybe I'll do this again someday... but definitely bigger.
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2012-11-30 10:52 pm

HP Tarot card - Wheel of Fortune

Wow, long time. I have quite a few past-due journal entries to write/post, but I set myself a deadline for this one and barely made it so here it is, first.

10. Wheel of Fortune (final) )
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2012-10-17 04:41 pm
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2012-08-24 12:45 pm
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What? Expressions?

Guys this is hard. Is her face looking okay? )

Well, I said I wouldn't prioritize this thing but that doesn't mean I don't still want to work on it. :P
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2012-08-08 07:10 pm
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That WAS easy!

Okay well if you say so.

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2012-07-06 01:54 pm
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This warrants profanity

FUCK, ARE YOU KIDDING ME. This is just internet rumor-ing RIGHT RIGHT???

But I wouldn't have posted it if it didn't look like it's got some credibility to it.
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2012-06-28 04:03 am

Change of plans

I don't think I will finish that picture for APE in October, not if I'm going to arrange a wedding for early November. Plus I want to make a Halloween costume (maybe even +1 for Kevin) this year :> So any painting I do now should prioritize back to the HP Tarot... I think. Maybe a Venus portrait to round out the series :P

(It doesn't really seem like an artwork suited for an "Alternative Press Expo" anyway. Fanime 2013 debut!)