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Wow Trader Joe's, wow.

Does anyone else's Trader Joe's do this kind of stuff or do I just have a particularly artistic store?
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(Nintendo E3 conference in a few hours so I better get this chunk done already!)

I was excited to get to her at last :) But it was pretty hard. Doesn't help that I started on a sketch with terrible proportions so I was constantly having to adjust and fix things.

Moon )

Those earrings look so cute :D I want them :D

Days until APE: 130
Characters complete: 9/31

Eclipx pix

May. 22nd, 2012 07:59 am
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Our setup:

Straw hat = hundreds of pinholes :)

OMG it's getting thin!!

Max occlusion at 6:30pm.

I saw a post from somebody who took a direct, clear picture with their iPhone and it amazingly didn't even fry the camera. Wish I had dared to try that, gogo magic iPhone optics.
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Folks in North America (and southern China/Japan) - did you know that there is a solar eclipse this Sunday? It's not a total one, but an annular one which is almost as good (and arguably better). For those of you in west-to-mid-United States, check out this handy-dandy map for an easy reference of when and where and what you'll see. Point Reyes here I come!

Oh, and be sure to take appropriate precautions. Never look directly (or with insufficient protection) at a solar eclipse or it will KICK YOUR ASS EYES because they will be more dilated due to the darkness.
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This one went faster because well, I didn't have to paint 90% of a body. But still didn't make up any time.

Earth )

Days until APE: 155
Characters complete: 8/31

Poofy :3

May. 5th, 2012 06:04 am
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Hopelessly behind. Too much to do, too tired. I'll just slowly plug away and deadlines be damned.

Juno, Chibimoon )

Days until APE: 161
Characters complete: 7/31


Apr. 28th, 2012 12:39 am
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I put up my Battleship poster next to my Mars Needs Moms poster.

It is hilarious. )
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Got bored of painting teenage girls, thought I'd doodle something more manly.

Batter up )

But then I thought, that's not really all that manly. What's really manly is...

Hey catch )

So back to teenage girls, I guess. But MANLY. :D
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Cutting it close~ It was seriously dead at work yesterday and today, otherwise I would've fallen behind already. And this isn't so much "finished" as it is "sufficiently refined", but I go back and touch up stuff in "finished" parts when I look at them days later anyway so this'll be enough progress for now.

Ceres )

Days until APE: 192
Characters complete: 5/31

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So I did the math and if I were to get this done by APE, I'd basically have to finish one character per week (with a tiny bit of leeway but let's not talk about that). Fortunately, so far my new job's been pretty accommodating ;) so it's just my own laziness sleepiness holding me back!

Vesta, Pallas )

Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with the schedule, which means you should look forward to weekly updates here. FINGERS CROSSED/KNOCK ON WOOD/AND ALL THAT.

(And I feel bad for all the other projects I'll have to leave by the wayside for like half a year. Gotta have goals, though...)

Days until APE: 199
Characters complete: 4/31
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A year ago I was lamenting how I'd never pull off something like that epic Zelda fanart in a million years. Well, much like every other prediction I make about my art, disregard that.

Oh god it's huge! But not as huge as the final version will be! )

Today is the 20th anniversary of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon's first episode airing in Japan. I had wanted to finish this tribute by then, but there was no way that was going to happen, so I figured I might as well give you guys a glimpse. At least I can aim to get it done within this year! :)

Close-ups from the most finished part: )

(Yup, all those portraits in the past few months were warm-ups for this. And also they were fun :3)
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According to esoteric methods*, my cross-stitch is 12.6% complete :D That number doesn't account for the detailing (outlines, etc.) I still need to do, but it's a close enough estimate. Sooo, 1/8 through after about 6 months' work... 3.5 more years to go! YEAH!

Progress shot: )

* I have a Photoshop file where I keep track of the squares I've stitched. Recently I did a little googling and found the feature that tells me how many pixels have been filled in. :D
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It always turns out that I'm like "Oh, I'm okay with not having drawn anything for Valentine's Day." and then I see all the stuff other people have done and regret it. So hey, here's something I've had sitting around and won't get to for a while.

Still lots to do. )

The intended context of this scene is somewhat of a game spoiler, but it's okay as long as I don't tell you. :)
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Heeey I used to "be" a "writer" once upon a time. Somehow (as in, about 10 agonizing words at a time), this got done. Not that I think anyone here is following this story, but at least you can look for typos for me, if you want.

Chapter 7 )

A while ago I was doodling and ended up with a scene from this story, years and a bazillion chapters from now. I didn't deem it important enough to post, but since I'm on the subject and since I've been so pathetically sparse with art, you can take a look if you want.
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As some of you know, I took a week-long bus tour around Grand Circle during Christmas time - Monument Valley, Bryce Canyon, Zion, all that good stuff. My camera couldn't do those places enough justice because 1) it's an 18X SUPERZOOM which means it's no good for wide-angle landscape shots, and 2) Panasonic's weak with reds and out there... it's ALL RED.

So I captured the scenery the best way I could. )
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Long time no post! This is a project I've had in progress for about a year now (actual work time: ~4-5 months), but never mentioned to anyone except Kevin and Joel. Today I took some photos to show it elsewhere, so I figured I might as well post 'em up here too.

Cross-stitching! Of the most insane variety! )

I've got a couple other Mystery Projects in the works, but I haven't been feeling ready to show them yet. The last couple months have been terrible for accomplishment, but at least I have been getting some work done lately. Look forward to a few more posts before TOO long (fingers crossed)!
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Eek, my copy of M!Games Magazine came much sooner than I expected! They've got a few-pages-long retrospective piece on the Zelda series, which is where my piece is nestled - but I thought they would've featured numerous fanartists, not just me! :X

It's a little embarrassing.
(I had originally asked them if they wanted to feature a... less shippy piece, too, but they were like nope want dis one! :X)

Now I don't understand a lick of this text (well okay, since it's German I understand 50% perfectly and 50% not at all), but here are my original responses to their interview questions:

1. Why Legend of Zelda fanart?
I think the Zelda games are particularly good at creating imaginative, atmospheric, and memorable scenes, and it's that kind of feeling that I want to express in my artworks.

2. Why did you choose to paint this particular scene?
The trailers and demos at E3 2011 hinting at the story of Skyward Sword really raised my excitement, and I just couldn't resist this image that popped into my head when I heard the rumor that Link was supposed to go on a date with Zelda after winning the flying competition. It probably won't happen, but maybe...!

3. What kind of tools/techniques do you use to create your artworks?
These days I almost always work on the computer, using the programs Photoshop, Painter, and SAI, but I use the skills and techniques I learned from my background in traditional media including oil, acrylic, and watercolor paints. I like to explore different art styles often, and Legend of Zelda is particularly good for that since the games' art direction is constantly creative and evolving.

4. What is your favourite Legend of Zelda game and why?
Ocarina of Time has been my long-time favorite for having such a rich, interactive world, as well as some of the most interesting and memorable characters. (It also helps that it was the first Zelda game I played through.) Although, it looks like that position might be challenged once Skyward Sword comes out!

* That position has indeed been challenged. SS is now reigning champion! :)
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Forget that pink thing. THIS WILL BE MY 3DS.

Assuming it comes out in NA and not just EU. And if it doesn't, NINTENDO WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU.
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I'm glad I let this one sit for a bit because I finally saw what I needed was some cool color in the highlights. Although I didn't really succeed that much. Oh well, moving on.

Jupiter - done )


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