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Selling out

I did a free commission for my cousin & his fiance. :>

It was surprisingly easy, so I'm thinking of doing more of these for fun and profit. Anyone interested in being my guinea pigs I mean portfolio samples? You get a big discount depending on how close of a friend you are ;)

You provide a photo of person(s) and/or animal(s); I will paint it. You must own or have permission from the owner to use the photo.

* 8" x 10" - $100
* 9" x 12" - $130
* 11" x 14" - $170
* 13" x 19" - $200
You can have up to two individual persons/animals in the picture for free. Each additional person/animal is +$30. If you want a specific background, it starts at +$30 and may increase based on complexity. Shipping is $5 in the US and $10 internationally.

I'll send you:
* A high-res digital file to use however you like
* A high quality print on velvet fine art paper (OR matte canvas for +$10)
* Optional: one additional small-sized print (up to 8" x 10") on premium glossy photo paper

This is all very experimental so I wanted to see how smoothly the process goes before I advertise more publicly. Lemme know if you are at all interested, even if you want to negotiate about the details :>