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As close as I get to plein-air painting

Went to Yosemite last week (escaped just before it got govt-shutdowned) and I took my sweet new 3DS XL with me, Art Academy in tow. It's a good program for making relatively-quick live sketches! (I also bought Colors 3D which is more Photoshop-like in its versatility, but I didn't try it out because I felt it would've taken longer to get going. Will have to give it a go next time.)

Mirror Lake was, sadly, totally dry because autumn is the dry season in Yosemite. I tried to envision it with water but ehhhhh.

Most of the way up the Mist Trail, around 10-15 minutes. Touched up from photo reference later, but still sloppy.

Dog Lake. This one turned out the best because I was able to sit and take my time :) Also it was a beautiful day. I mean the weather was beautiful our whole trip but this was really an ideal scene. Umm... the colors are more vivid on the 3DS :(

Overlook of Yosemite Valley. Tough to work with the selection of colors available. I ain't no Thomas Hill that's for sure.

And an extra, the first drawing I did to test out the program.

Of course, this one looks better because the sample image was professionally lit & photographed and I was able to take my time.

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