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nendil ([personal profile] nendil) wrote2012-12-27 02:30 am
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HP Tarot card progress - Justice

Barging on ahead. Hopefully this looks sufficiently 1) like Neville, 2) like a Justice card and not King of Swords or something.

- The concept thumbnail was set in the Room of Requirement, but this setting just suited the atmosphere and character better I felt.

- I know some people don't like blood/violence in their tarot decks, so I hope the snake isn't too gory or distracting. I just felt like it was important to include it because overthinking ahead I was thinking about how one important scene for Neville was how he was able to overcome his fear of Snape -> Snape was killed by Nagini (next card), yet Neville defeated the snake -> karma/destiny/strength of will somethingsomethingsomething. Feels like it helps the composition too.

- Robe or no robe? I feel like no robe might be more striking, but robe might help the "Yer a wizard, HarryNeville" feeling.

- Oh yeah, I'll add more beaten-up to his face of course but I didn't want to mess it up too much right now before you guys get a good look at him and tell me "That's not even Neville ya scrub"

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