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nendil ([personal profile] nendil) wrote2012-06-05 04:22 am
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The last time I draw that crystal EVER

(Nintendo E3 conference in a few hours so I better get this chunk done already!)

I was excited to get to her at last :) But it was pretty hard. Doesn't help that I started on a sketch with terrible proportions so I was constantly having to adjust and fix things.

Ah wings, ever my nemesis.

For a moment I thought maybe I was leaning on the religious iconography a bit overmuch, but then again canon out and out made her the Messiah, so who am I kidding. Usagi's original design was intended to be a little bit chubby, but of course due to shoujo art there's no indication of that ever. I hope I did it suitably (wherein "little bit chubby" = "not-bone-skinny" because well, shoujo standards).

Those earrings look so cute :D I want them :D

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