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nendil ([personal profile] nendil) wrote2012-05-11 04:57 pm
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Better than expected

This one went faster because well, I didn't have to paint 90% of a body. But still didn't make up any time.

(75% zoom.)

Mamoru is not a *Sailor* Senshi but he is a Senshi too! In the manga he has a Sailor Crystal rivaling even the Ginzuishou (even though he still ended up doing like nothing useful). I kind of hate how every live-action version of him gets casted as this J-poppish poofty guy, so I took some extra care to model his face hotter stronger but not too strong or we can't brainwash him again. I mean he's not the most empowered guy around but let's at least have him be a bit princely okay.

How did I make that pain-in-the-ass crystal look so good? *A*

Days until APE: 155
Characters complete: 8/31

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