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Poofy :3

Hopelessly behind. Too much to do, too tired. I'll just slowly plug away and deadlines be damned.

JunJun is the tomboy biker chick who puts the "Amazon" in "Amazoness". I don't think she's this gruff or angry in canon, but since she already speaks in "オレ" anyway, might as well go full gangsta for a little extra characterization. She does acrobatics and maybe motorcycle stunts, and has the darkest skin.

Successful?? kid-face #2. I guess the image of Chibiusa I prefer to keep in my head is closer to her manga version, where she's more thoughtful and less bratty than the anime. Or maybe I just don't want to draw a bratty kid because who wants to do that. Anyway, she's a good girl.

AVENGERS ASSEMBLE The promised full group shot!

Ugh, background. This is the size the final picture will be posted at.

One artistic liberty that nobody cares about: I painted the Quartet's sleeves with one "ring" instead of two, because they're enough of a pain as is and the design loses nothing from being simplified a little. Those bubble sleeves suck anyway, what were you thinking Naoko.

Days until APE: 161
Characters complete: 7/31