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I wish my outfit matched my hair color perfectly. Oh wait, that'd just be black.

Cutting it close~ It was seriously dead at work yesterday and today, otherwise I would've fallen behind already. And this isn't so much "finished" as it is "sufficiently refined", but I go back and touch up stuff in "finished" parts when I look at them days later anyway so this'll be enough progress for now.

Ceres (Demeter) was the goddess of the harvest, and incidentally where the word "cereal" comes from. Evidently harvest = plants = flowers, because CereCere is the flower magician. What that actually means in a circus, I don't know. She's the "Ojou" who speaks in "あたくし" form (hence the smugface) and has the lightest skin.

Days until APE: 192
Characters complete: 5/31