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How do those things stay on your head

So I did the math and if I were to get this done by APE, I'd basically have to finish one character per week (with a tiny bit of leeway but let's not talk about that). Fortunately, so far my new job's been pretty accommodating ;) so it's just my own laziness sleepiness holding me back!


These two are completely finished, but I'll post just the close-ups this time and do a group shot when all the Quartet are done.

Oddly enough, PallaPalla is the second oldest of the Amazoness Quartet, even though she's the cutesy-est and childish-est by far. I guess it's because Pallas is the 2nd asteroid to be discovered (after Ceres). She performs with balls (and unicycle).

DAT HAIR. I get the feeling it's inspired from some kind of southeast-Asian cultural thing, but I didn't find anything in my very brief search. I didn't have the most solid grasp on VesVes's personality, but when I started drawing her face, it came out looking like a vintage pin-up model, and that seemed just right. She uses a whip as a beast tamer (which I think she should keep in Senshi form but that would've been TOO INTERESTING.)


Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with the schedule, which means you should look forward to weekly updates here. FINGERS CROSSED/KNOCK ON WOOD/AND ALL THAT.

(And I feel bad for all the other projects I'll have to leave by the wayside for like half a year. Gotta have goals, though...)

Days until APE: 199
Characters complete: 4/31

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